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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 5

REPORT on Unidentified Military Threat
Compiled from Terran Confederation Intelligence Assets

This is a PRELIMINARY REPORT. All data and analyses are based on unprocessed primary sources. Conclusions and recommendations should be regarded as HIGHLY TENTATIVE.

This information current as of 0730 hours 2681.021


At 2025 hours 2681.018, in the Kilrah asteroid belt near Kilrah Prime, unknown forces initiated an apparent military strike on the Copernicus-class planetological research vessel TCS Devereaux, destroying it. Between that time and 0345 hours 2681.019, two colonies, four intelligence outposts and a research station have also apparently been destroyed within the Kilrah system. All efforts at relief have resulted in the destruction of the vessels involved, and of seven attempts to infiltrate the area with intelligence-gathering resources between 2681.019 and 2681.020, only one has re-established contact.

Early and unofficial reports estimate that all military and civilian personnel in the stricken areas are either killed or missing. On that basis, the estimated casualty count stands at:

23 763 Kilrathi
2988 Human (446 Confed military, 311 Confed admin/diplomats, 2231 civilian)
41 Firekkan
Confederation Astronomical Station K-105 picks up unidentified energy surge near Kilrah Prime. Surge is identified as an equipment malfunction or the reflection of a solar flare.
TOBY drones from the Devereaux destroyed while exploring Kilrah Prime.
Devereaux destroyed.

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