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Compiled from the Armed Forces Sub-Space Newswire
Pirates Executed at Valgard

Thirty-six Kilrathi convicted of piracy, murder, extortion and malicious disorder were executed 2681.014 at Valgard. Included in the mass execution was the pirate’s leader, Krahtagh N’Ryllis, AKA “Bloodeye”. The executions were carried out at 0700 at the Valgard Military Prison complex. The prisoners were executed as a group, by flash incineration.

The Kilrathi Provisional Counsel protested against the executions. Although the Kilrathi did not dispute either the guilt of the accused nor the appropriateness of the sentence, they argued that the pirates should have been turned over to their own people for execution by traditional methods.

Sector Governor Stella Lee issued the following statement in response to the Kilrathi protest. “While the government of this sector appreciates the eagerness of the Kilrathi to assist in the process of justice, we strongly feel that it is important that these bloody murderers should meet their well-deserved fate at the hand of those they so brutally victimised. Therefore, we must respectfully refuse Kilrathi assistance in the execution of this sentence.”

N’Ryllis and his followers, the so-called “Demon’s Eye Pack”, terrorised colonists and disrupted space traffic in Epsilon Sector for almost five months last year until their base was taken by Confed Marines. Of the estimated 400 Kilrathi living in the pirate base, at least 300 were killed and the rest were taken prisoner. Fifty-four females, children and slaves were released into Kilrathi custody, while Bloodeye and 35 followers were charged in a high-profile trial that resulted in capital convictions for all the accused.

Senate Debates “Peace Dividend”

Negotiations continue on the 2682 Confed budget, and the issue of greatest contention continues to be military spending.

The Federationist majority, led by Senator James Taggart, continues to push for


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