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plasma cannon. Rather, the Shrike carries a more conventional armament.

The Shrike is most effective against naval targets of light cruiser-size and downwards due to its limited torpedo load, but in larger groups can be employed effectively against larger targets.

The Shrike has top, bottom and tail turrets, but lacks the Devastator’s side mounts, depending instead on overlap from the top and bottom positions to cover its flanks.

TB-80a Devastator
TB-80a Devastator
Torpedo Bomber (Class A)
Squadron: (Proposed Third Squadron)
Mission/Role: strike, anti-ship, anti-hangar, sometimes recon

Usually stationed on fleet carrier, the Devastator has a simple mission: survive long enough to destroy a big target. Its main anti-ship armament is the torpedo.

The Devastator’s massive plasma cannon is essentially a smaller version of the same weapon carried by capital ships. Virtually useless against fighters (due to its very slow firing rate), this extremely powerful weapon can cause significant damage to starships, and is by far the platform of choice when it comes to striking heavily defended and armoured targets like battleships and heavy cruisers.

Additionally, to facilitate its survival in a fighter-rich environment it carries anti-fighter turrets on its top, bottom, rear and sides.

Its shields are extremely thick, but exhibit only average recharge characteristics.


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