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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 43

Heavy Torpedo
Torpedo (Heavy)

The only fighter-mounted munition effective against major warships.

Tracker “Smart” Missile
Tracker “Smart” Missile

Very long-range anti-fighter missile. Excellent against fast targets trying to flee an area. This missile is really one large booster rocket with several smaller Friend-or-Foe missiles attached. You fire the weapon and hold the trigger until most of the distance to the target is covered (or the booster expires), then release it to launch smaller missiles, which use integrated tracking to pursue and eliminate any nearby enemy ships. Unlike the laser designator on the Swarmer missile, the Tracker missile operates independently of the ship that has fired it once it is released.

Rocket Pods

Pods of small, fast, unguided rockets that have a fast rate of fire and come in six or twelve packs. Good against slow moving targets like bombers and transports, but inflicts only light damage to a starship. Each rocket does considerably less damage than a Dumbfire, but as a pod they do much more extensive damage.


Multiple missile launch at once from each pod and track their target. A line-of-sight weapon (you must maintain a visual lock on target until missiles impact) primarily used for close combat/dogfighting against powerful targets. Swarmers are unaffected by decoys.


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