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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 36

F/A-105a Tigershark
F/A-105a Tigershark
Multi-Role Fighter
Squadrons: Diamondbacks, Black Widows
Mission/Role: TARCAP, FORCAP, BARCAP, escort, recon, light strike and light anti-ship, wild weasel

The Tigershark is a throwback to the wartime general-purpose fighter. It is most frequently used for light strike and SEAD duties, but can be effective as a dogfighter.

Its shields are of medium strength, with good (though not excellent) recharge characteristics. The Tigershark is generally a valuable supplement to the more specialised fighters in a CV’s wing, capable of filling most ‘gaps’ as needed.

F-110a Wasp
F-110a Wasp
Squadrons: Diamondbacks, Black Widows, (Proposed Third Squadron)
Mission/Role: FORCAP, sometimes BARCAP

The Wasp is a small point-defence fighter that serves as the inner tier of a carrier group’s defence. Lacking the range and endurance for prolonged CAP-style patrols, it is usually launched only when enemy bombers have breached the outer BARCAP and are closing on the carrier itself (in a ‘scramble’ situation).


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