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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 17


If the enemy’s entry point to our space can be sealed, and if the current force represents the apex of their military science, then Confed probably faces a brutal conflict should the enemy persist in an aggressive posture, but a conflict which can be won. Of course, if the enemy force consists primarily or entirely of Kilrathi insurgents, it is highly likely that they have already extended their conventional warfare assets to the maximum, and our primary fear then becomes pirate strikes and guerilla actions staged from the retaken Kilrah system.

However, if the enemy can access our space from multiple and unpredictable points, or if they have significantly more destructive forces and weapons in reserve, it is possible that we face a conflict which cannot be won through conventional military action.

Although it’s far from certain, logic dictates that the more optimistic scenario is the more likely – that access points into our space are not easy nor economical to establish, and that the current force, while probably not the entirety of the enemy naval capacity, it is not a trivial or non-representative sample of their military capabilities.

Our assets, even in the most extreme scenario against a completely unknown enemy, are our extensive knowledge of Kilrathi and Confed space, our numbers, and our unrestricted lines of supply. If we combine these with creative, but prudent strategy, we may well be able to contain and defeat the enemy.

Strategic Recommendations. Intel recommends that naval operations pursue a near-term strategy of maximum defensive readiness combined with limited offensive feints and probes to test the enemy’s capabilities. Since the enemy’s effectiveness against smaller forces was demonstrated against the Brack, it is recommended that initial sorties include at least one carrier or ‘mega-carrier’, and a proportional escort of cap-ships. Since the enemy’s effectiveness against static targets is established, it is recommended that all space-worthy battleships are to be kept in space and dispersed, returning to base only for the minimum times required.

In the absence of further data, our initial long-term goal should be to capture and seal the hypothetical enemy access point at Kilrah.


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