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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 10


The most probable events surrounding the message’s transmission seem to be as follows (note: the following paragraphs contain deductive and speculative analysis, which cannot be independently confirmed):

Immediately after the battle, the speaker (presumably Ms Tokagawa) was in the K6CCC central processing room, where she had either been on duty or taken shelter during the attack. Taking stock of the situation, she determined that all planetary and intra-system communications were down, but that the primary sub-space transmitter was still operable (unsurprising, since the transmitter, its power source and geo-resonant antenna were all located immediately beneath the central processing room). She took it upon herself to report the situation to the best of her ability. The source and accuracy of her estimates of casualties and property damage is not known. Perhaps it is based on communications traffic during the battle, or perhaps she simply extrapolated from the destruction in her immediate area.

Like most of the Kilrah 6 colony, the K6CCC is constructed mostly underground, and the ceiling of the central processing room was approximately 11 metres below street level. The message seems to indicate that this ceiling had been laid open to the sky by the force of the attack. The speaker seems to have used this gap to visually survey the immediate area, observing total destruction and a large object, apparently airborne and presumably of enemy origin. The speaker seems to be of the opinion that the object does not appear to be of Kilrathi origin (however, due to signal quality, there is also room for the opposite conclusion, that the message states that the object is Kilrathi in origin). The speaker appears to be attempting to order her thoughts as the message ends. It is unknown whether the end of the message was due to renewed enemy assault, the restoration of enemy jamming measures, or simple cumulative equipment failure.


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