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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 30


Maniac: Well, see, at the time we were both stationed on the old TCS Victory, and it was the heaviest fighting of the war, and we were running short on experienced pilots. So they decided, okay, we’ll take the best guys we have left, and we’ll sit the slowest pilot in the bunch on top of that bomb, while those with the real moves will fly escort and try to get him there in one piece. I was with Maverick (Blair’s wartime callsign – W!) right up to the time we entered orbit – the last fighter left in the escort – when I had to peel off and take out a whole wing of cats. It was, I think, twelve to one, so by the time they were down to the last two or three, my ship was pretty beat up and I had to eject. Anyway, to make a long story short, somehow Blair managed to drop the bomb on target, and now he gets all the glory instead of us pilots who did the real fighting during the raid. Typical.

Waypoint! This will be Blair’s second attempt at retirement, won’t it?

Maniac: That’s right. Right after the surrender, Blair tried to settle down and farm. Farmer Blair, what a joke! Lucky for him Confed re-activated his commission and sent me to deliver the orders. Maniac to the rescue again. This was right after a messy break-up too, and man, you have never seen a sadder specimen of pilot-flesh than farmer Blair. Blair’s always been emotionally fragile, especially when it comes to romance. Of course it’s understandable, if you compare him physically to a real outstanding masculine specimen like myself. How can he compete?

Waypoint! This was during the Border Worlds conflict I believe. Was that the last time you and Blair served together?

Maniac: Right. Funny thing there – Admiral Tolwyn always had it in for Blair, from the time he was a cadet. But Maverick had the last word. Which isn’t to say that Tolwyn didn’t deserve exactly what he got. Um, I’d better not say anything more about that. I think some of it’s still classified. Anyway, it was right after that that he transferred his commission over to the Navy and started doing R&D, which if you ask me is a much better place for somebody of Blair’s limited talents.

Waypoint! Thanks for your help, Maniac!

Maniac: Hey, no problem. Always happy to set the historical record straight.


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