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Welcome to the TCS Midway!

The material below has been prepared by the officers of the TCS Midway, and compiled by the staff of Waypoint! to provide an introduction to the mission and operations of the TCS Midway, the Confederation’s first mega-carrier.

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Master Chief Petty Officer Rachel Coriolis
By Master Chief Petty Officer Rachel Coriolis

Let me start out by explaining things to the Newbies. Look down, see that nice solid deck under your feet? How about those charming plasteel walls that surround you and that nice bright ceiling overhead? Do you know why those are there? They’re there because you are in what we in the armed forces like to call a “Capital Ship”, and this ship is what keeps you and your friends and all your food, air, and pin-up holozines from floating away into space. Isn’t that nice?

Now for you veterans, yes, this really is a cap ship, and not a luxury resort. Don’t let the details like the ability to walk two abreast in a corridor or the lack of that special starship stench fool you. It’s just that the Midway is about twice the size of any Confed carrier before it.

Wartime-era carriers usually carried one squadron of fighters, plus the naval crew of the ship itself. Midway-class mega-carriers are designed to carry their own crew, three full fighter squadrons (252 ships total), and a 1500-man Marine Expeditionary Unit, for a total complement of up to 6000 personnel (as of this writing the Midway’s not yet up to full complement, carrying two


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