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hypothesis proves correct, in effect the artefact’s creators have managed to incorporate the circuitry of complex machinery into the superstructure of the machine itself, greatly reducing the number of parts, and allowing for extensive redundancy of systems.

In conclusion, the artefact appears to be a fragment of a larger structure or device, possibly a ship. Its composition and construction do not conform to the standards of any known race, either past or present, however it appears to be the work of an advanced tool-using culture with a knowledge of physics, chemistry and engineering which, in most cases, seems to rival or exceed our own.


Current data about the nature of the enemy is as follows.

  1. They entered our space at Kilrah, presumably through a gate or singularity of unknown nature.
  2. They have systematically destroyed all structures and vessels found in the Kilrah system.
  3. Their tactics are efficient, thorough and brutal. Evidence suggests all sentients under attack are either killed or taken prisoner.
  4. The degree and speed of destruction suggests a force equivalent to a major Confed strike force consisting of multiple battleships and fighters.
  5. They have been able to jam sub-space communications during their attack, completely cutting their targets out of communication.
  6. They appear to be establishing a sphere of control with Kilrah at the centre.

There are two possible scenarios to explain the enemy’s identity at this point.

  1. The enemy is an extremely well-armed and organised fleet of Kilrathi insurgents.
  2. The enemy is a fleet from a previously unknown star-faring race.

The first hypothesis carries the weight of Occam’s Razor behind it. It is almost axiomatic that several of the most significant groups of outlaw Kilrathi would wish to retake their home system. The apparent destruction of several Kilrathi communities


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