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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 9

… monitor buoys [not?] responding, extensive damage to the … ground forces not … [bunker?] … [can’t] receive so just listen. Confed forces cut out completely … [civilian?] losses at 100 per cent, property destruction total … building gone, just a big hole in the [ceiling?] … will attempt visual … [Delay of approximately 40 seconds, speaker presumably away from console.] Saw it … huge. Nothing else alive out there. [Colony?] flattened. Nothing moving [outside?] … just … overhead. Never seen anything … [not?] Kilrathi. Don’t know … [report?] but will keep talking. What else … [Message ends.]

The voice in the message is apparently that of a female Human in her 20s or 30s. Although it cannot be confirmed, it seems likely that the speaker is Coretta Tokagawa, 25, a technician at the Kilrah 6 Colony Communications Centre, based on colony personnel records and evidence within the message itself. It seems certain that the physical point of origin for the message was the K6CCC, as that is the only facility on the planet’s surface with facilities for a sub-space voice transmission. The transmission faded in and out of clarity, and was punctuated frequently by static bursts of three to fifteen seconds in duration. The message was a direct broadcast signal, not part of a scheduled telemetric packet.

The fluctuations and interruptions in the transmission are consistent with a scenario where orbital relays are destroyed and only the ground-based transmitter remains, possibly with superficial damage. Static may indicate a high level of surface radiation, perhaps as the aftermath of an orbital bombardment.

SigInt is presently looking into how this single transmission could have got through to Tal’q when no other attack produced any emergency traffic whatsoever. No conclusions have been reached based on technical analysis, however, the message itself seems to have been sent between the actual battle for Kilrah 6, when the defence forces and most of the colony were destroyed, and a final clean-up sweep of the area. Perhaps the hypothetical enemy jamming or blocking ability was disrupted immediately after the battle, either through combat damage to enemy systems, or through sentient error.


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