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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 38

F-109a Vampire
Space Superiority
Fighter (Class A)
Squadron: (Proposed Third Squadron)
Mission/Role: BARCAP, TARCAP, offensive counter-air, escort, some FORCAP, some recon, wild weasel

Usually assigned to heavy fleet carriers, the Vampire is customised to destroy other fighters. The Vampire can engage in long-range missile duels, with good chances of survival.

Its shields are of medium strength, but exhibit an excellent recharge rate.

TB-81a Shrike
TB-81a Shrike
Torpedo Bomber (Class B)
Squadron: Black Widows
Mission/Role: strike, anti-ship, anti-hangar, sometimes recon

Usually stationed on escort carriers, the Shrike is a lightened answer to the much larger Devastator. While it is not as powerful an anti-ship platform, it is noticeably faster and more manoeuvrable than the TB-80, and therefore somewhat less vulnerable in the event of a fighter encounter. It enjoys the same computer targeting system as the Devastator, but not its massive


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