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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 41

Heavy Plasma Cannon

This weapon has a slow refire rate, but packs a solid punch. Primarily used against starships, it is not designed to be used against small, highly mobile targets, but will tear a fighter up if a lucky shot is scored.

Mark II “Stormfire” Cannon

This Gatling gun from the Benilli Corporation has a slower fire rate than its predecessor, the Mark I, but fires a higher-calibre round that explodes against a ship’s hull on contact or at the extent of its range. Also, like the Border Worlds’ original Stormfire weapon, it has a limited number of rounds.

Bomb Rack
Bomb Rack

A rack of null-G bomblets that are released through a hard-point-mounted bomb rack. Its solid damage makes it perfect for strafing runs against vulnerable capital ship parts.


Confed’s internally guided sub-munitions. Mines are deployed backwards, and are detonated by proximity.

Dumbfire Rocket
Dumbfire Rocket

Confed’s no-lock rocket that delivers a massive payload to its target. Excellent against slower moving hard targets like transports, corvettes and destroyers.


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