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Got this yesterday from Kevin at TCIA, and he said I could send it along to you. It will be out through regular channels in a day or so, but not until after the censors have had a pass at it. This version is the raw stuff – the one where the intelligence boys admit what they don’t know. You’re cleared for this information in any form, of course, but please be discreet about having it. And for goodness’ sake don’t tell Maniac anything you don’t have to. (Even in the present crisis, I still chuckle to think of you and he back on the same ship after all these years.)

But back to business. The implications of this report are, frankly, terrifying. They’re going to try to pin this on Kilrathi insurgents, of course, but I imagine you’ll find that possibility as absurd as I do. I don’t want to be a panic-monger, and I’d never say this to another soul in the galaxy save yourself, but I fear that we may be facing something that will make the Kilrathi look like a pack of rock-throwing baboons (with all due respect to our dear feline allies). It’s the ungodly efficiency of this thing that has me so infernally scared.

I’d ask how your research is progressing, except I rather doubt you’ll have the time to take it much further. They’re talking about taking me out of mothballs for this crisis, and if they can find a place for a fat old fossil like myself, I’m sure they can find a place for you as well, and probably sooner than later. They’re going to have you in command of a fleet yet, my lad.


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