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Wing Commander Armada

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The only multi-player Wing Commander game on the PC to date, Wing Commander Armada was the first game of the series to use the 3-dimensional RealSpace graphics engine (introduced in Strike Commander, and also used in Wing Commander III and Wing Commander IV).

Wing Commander Armada is currently (since 21st November 2013) available from Extensive background information for Wing Commander Armada, as well as the Proving Grounds add-on, is available at the CIC.

KIS Shiraak TCS Lexington Kilrathi Shok’lar Fighter KIS Shiraak Confederation Gladius Fighter TCS Lexington


The “Voices of War” Armada manual is available on-line in PDF format thanks to Jetlag.

Mission Script

Although relatively short, the mission briefings from the Gauntlet section of Wing Commander Armada do show interesting developments between the TCS Lexington and the KIS Shiraak.


A complete collection of the MIDI from Armada is available from the CIC.


Patch Size Description
Gauntlet Password Patch 608 KiB Adds a password function to the gauntlet mode.
Proving Grounds 566 KiB Add-on which allows multi-player action with up to 8 players.
MyJEMM   Utility to emulate the JEMM memory manager under Windows 9x environments.
IPX Patch 1.02 MiB Patch by Mario “HCl” Brito allowing IPX network play in the floppy disk version of Armada and Proving Grounds, via DOSBox.
Ship Editor 59 KiB A ship editor for Armada, also written by HCl.

Also available is PiArmada, an Armada clone based on the Pi4x turn-based strategy engine and written in Python. Using the Vega Strike engine for the space-combat aspect, PiArmada acts as a great substitute for the original Armada game.

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