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Lieutenant Maxwell Garrett
Lt Maxwell Garrett
Lieutenant Lance Casey
Lt Lance Casey

Two new fly-boys will be reporting to the Midway on or before .025. They are 2nd Lieutenant Lance Casey and 2nd Lieutenant Maxwell Garrett. According to their academy records, Garrett and Casey are a couple of top guns in the making, holding numerous individual and team records for Academy simulator exercises and live-flight trials. They’ll be posted to the Diamondbacks.

Newbie Pilot is Hero’s Son

Waypoint! has learned that 2nd Lieutenant Lance Casey, one of the pilots ordered to report to Midway in the immediate future, is the son of Major Michael “Iceman” Casey, a hero of the Kilrathi War. Major Casey racked up 367 confirmed kills during a nine-year career, during which he also earned bronze, gold and silver stars. He was killed in action two months before the birth of his son.

In addition, Waypoint! has learned that the Midway’s own Commodore Christopher Blair and Major Todd “Maniac” Marshall were early shipmates of Major Casey. We asked them to tell us about the Iceman.

Commodore Christopher Blair: Michael Casey was a friend, a teacher and a true hero. I look forward to meeting his son, and I am confident he will carry on the Casey name with the honour it deserves.

Major Todd Marshall: You babies probably won’t believe this, but there was a time when even I, the Maniac, was a pathetic, puking newbie plebe like yourselves (only much better looking). During that time the Iceman, one of the best pilots I ever knew, did me the tremendous favour of kicking my worthless plebe butt until I became the paragon of military virtue you see before you today. I intend to honour the Iceman’s memory by making his pathetic puking plebe son’s life a living nightmare until such a time as he proves himself worthy of his father’s name.


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