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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 7

Information above compiled from the following sources:

Telemetry logs of Confederation bases and ships as recorded by central processing, Tal’q Naval Station.

Routine civilian and military sub-space traffic.

Fragmentary SOS message send during Kilrah 6 attack.

Report of Major Leeward Washington, TCSF, and recordings taken by him of secret installation at Kilrah 7.4.


All of the ships, stations, and settlements destroyed in the enemy attack were hooked into the Confederation Sub-Space Data Network, with the exception of the previously unknown Kilrathi insurgent base. These facilities all sent regular data packets to the nearest sub-space hub, in this case located at the Tal’q Naval Station.

Automated sub-space data was sent at regular intervals ranging from twice a day (in the case of the Sivarist enclave in the Kilrah belt) to every five minutes (from the Brack while on alert status). The cessation of these transmissions allows analysts to bracket the time of attack for the lost facilities.

Telemetric transmissions always include a ‘ping’ recognition signal identifying the source and time of the transmission. In addition, telemetric packets regularly include personal mail, news and announcements and official logs and reports. In military and scientific ships and outposts, the bulk of a typical telemetric packet’s bandwidth usually consists of the automated logs of sensor and system data.

The most remarkable thing about the telemetry of the facilities in question, right up to the time of their destruction, is that there is no sign that an attack – or anything unusual – is going on at all. Of course, the later data includes a good deal of speculation about the fate of those facilities already destroyed, and a record of security procedures being activated and followed, but little first-hand evidence of enemy incursion right up to cessation of transmission.


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