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The official shipboard newsletter of the pilots and flight crews of the TCS Midway
Volume 1, Number 1
First Quarter, 2681.
Published whenever we get round to it

Welcome to the first issue of Waypoint!, the official newsletter of the TCS Midway Space Forces. We’re sorry this took so long to get out – especially since the Marines have had their newsletter going for a few months now. We hope it will be worth the wait.

In order for this publication to be “official” (which means that Fleet HQ pays for it, and we don’t) we have to make it a “resource for tactical and technical training” in addition to just being a newsletter. One of the ways this is done on other ships is to prepare a packet of basic indoctrination and familiarisation materials that can be integrated with the newsletter part and given to newbies. One of the reasons this first issue took us so long was assembling that info, and since this is the first issue, we all get it! Thrilling, huh? Seriously, some of this info is pretty basic stuff, but some of it’s pretty interesting, and it’s all stuff you should know, so pay attention!

The Waypoint! staff wishes to thank Major Todd Marshall for his… enthusiastic help in providing us with news and info for this first issue. Next issue, we’ll have even more news and commentary.

Also, if you have a personal ad or announcement for the next issue, just mail it to WAYPOINT! We’ll print anything we can get past the censors and the CAG!

– The Waypoint! Editorial Staff

PS This is a personal message to the CAG. Yes ma’am, we know that “waypoint” is no longer an official navigational designation, but Navpoint! didn’t seem to have much to do with the TCS Midway.


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