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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 40


The following weapons are mounted on current Confed fighters and cap ships.

Laser Cannon

Confed’s mainstream low-power, low-damage weapon that is effective at long range.

Ion Cannon

Fires a bolt of highly charged ion particles at the target. This long-range gun does a moderate amount of damage with a high refire rate.

Mass Driver

This weapon uses a linear accelerator to fire projectiles of metallic mass at a target. A long-range gun, it requires less energy per shot than most blasters and has a relatively fast refire rate.

Adjustable Mass Driver

Upgraded from previous versions, this weapon incorporates a ‘choke’ setting. A thinner choke yields a higher rate of fire and uses less energy, but does less damage at shorter range. A wider choke inflicts more damage and has a longer range, but takes more energy and has a slower refire rate. The dynamics of the mass driver’s adjustment are determined by the length of time you hold down the trigger.

Tachyon Gun

More powerful than previous versions of the same gun but with a longer refire delay and a higher energy cost. It also fires one of the fastest moving ‘bolt’ type projectiles.


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