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ship to be all three, at least not at the same time.

The TCS Midway is rated for three full squadrons, of which two are currently commissioned, the Black Widow (First) Squadron and the Diamondback (Second) Squadron. The Diamondbacks are the junior squadron, in charge of close-in missions, point defence and routine escorts. The Widows are the senior squadron, handling long range combat patrols, offensive operations (including bombing) and other heavy combat duties. The Diamondbacks generally use lighter craft, while the heavier hardware belongs to the Widows. When the Third Squadron is commissioned, sometime in the next 100 days, it will be the elite squadron, flying Vampires, Devastators and similar hard-core strike craft.

Remember, you can always get full specs on any fighter in the Midway’s arsenal by checking the reference guide in your Integrated Combat Information System (ICIS).

The three squadrons of the TCS Midway are expected to perform any of the following mission profiles:

FORCAP (Forward Combat Air Patrol), escort, recon, TARCAP (Targeted Combat Air Patrol), wild weasel (air defence suppression), strike, anti-ship, BARCAP (Barrier Combat Air Patrol, or blockade), counter-air and bombing missions against both ship targets and installations. You will note that for the purposes of these definitions fighter spacecraft are referred to by the archaic term “air” craft.

At full strength, the Midway’s Space Force assets will include craft of all the following types:


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