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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 23

Captain Daniel Wilford
From the Captain’s Desk

The entire crew of the Midway – naval, marine and space forces – has been hand-picked to test a completely new concept in capital ship design philosophy. We are all honoured to serve on the maiden cruise of the first Confed mega-carrier! More than twice the size of any wartime-era cap ship, the Midway is designed both for the longer cruises and more diversified missions of peacetime, and to be a virtual floating naval base in a time of military emergency.

Ours is the first of 10 planned ships in the Midway class. The next ship in the class, the Mistral Sea, is set to launch in the next 100 days. Within five years, all 10 Midway-class mega-carriers will be in space and fully operational. As the first crew in our class, it behooves us to also be the best crew in our class!

We’ve faced a number of challenges in the short time we’ve all been shipmates together, and I’m not just talking about the Valgard incident. We’re a large crew on a new ship trying to come together as a team. That’s always a tough process. Fortunately both the ship and the crew are the best that Confed has to offer, and therefore we’ve been able to meet all our challenges to date, and will continue to do so in the future.

– Captain Daniel Wilford, TCS Midway, Commanding
From the CAG’s Desk

It’s good to see the launch of Waypoint! It means that the Space Forces of the Midway are finally moving past the initial chaos of organising a new unit, and beginning to function as a team. I’ve served on ships where shipboard pubs were useful, efficient channels of communication between the various ranks and divisions of the ship, and I’ve seen newsletters that were channels


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