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Integrated Combat Information System: Page 27

Ship's News
Postings and Promotions
Lieutenant Jean Talvert
Lt Jean Talvert

Jean “Stiletto” Talvert has received a brevet promotion to acting First Lieutenant, in conjunction with her assignment as commander of the Diamondback Squadron. Congratulations, Stiletto, we’re confident you’ll get that “acting” flag off your new rank really soon now.

Major Todd Marshall
Maj Todd Marshall

Major Todd “Maniac” Marshall reached a career milestone on 2681.011, when he shot down two armed smugglers during a routine sweep of the Hawkins system. The smugglers marked Marshall’s 2000th and 2001st confirmed kills. Marshall was already the only pilot to make Ace while assigned to the Midway, with his five kills during the raid on the Demon’s Eye pirates. For this career benchmark the Captain has put Maniac in for a Senatorial Letter of Recognition. Although Marshall’s career precedes the establishment of the Ace of Aces medal by about 25 years, if he had been accruing Ace of Aces points throughout his career, the Maniac’s chest would currently be weighed down with 16 such medals, all with the full four bars. Marshall is the highest-ranked ace currently on the Space Forces flight roster, and is rated the fourteenth highest-scoring ace in Space Force history.


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