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Hero of Kilrah Prepares to Leave Midway

To most of Confed, Commodore Christopher Blair is the eleventh greatest ace in Space Force history, and the man who holds the all-time record for Kilrathi Ace kills. More importantly, he’s the hero of Kilrah – the pilot who, in a daring raid into the heart of enemy space, delivered the Temblor bomb that ended the Kilrathi empire and with it, the bloodiest war in Human history.

To the officers and crew of the Midway, he is a constant shadowy presence, appearing out of nowhere to quiz the engine crew about reactor performance, or help a bewildered repair team fix a fouled loading line. As the Senior Operational Consultant on the team that designed the Midway, Blair’s been a part of this ship since it was a mere blueprint on the desk of a space engineer with dreams of grandeur. Blair was there when the Midway was christened, and for the last 50 days he’s been part of her crew, observing the final phase of her shakedown cruise. Soon, he’ll divide his time between consulting for the Navy and the Space Force, and lecturing at the Space Force Academy on Earth.

With characteristic modesty, Commodore Blair declined to be interviewed by Waypoint!, but our own Major Todd Marshall, who’s served with Blair off and on since they were in the Academy together, and who accompanied Commodore Blair on the historic Raid on Kilrah, was only too happy to tell us about his former shipmate.

Waypoint! You and Commodore Blair graduated together and served your first tour of duty together, correct?

Maniac: That’s right. We served on the Tiger’s Claw, under Paladin, who you babies know as Senator Taggart.

Waypoint! Commodore Blair wasn’t always the hero he is now. At one time he was known as the “Coward of K’Tithrak Mang”.

Maniac: Seems kind of odd to think about that now, but yeah, he almost got cashiered out, and he spent about nine years in a purgatory assignment because of that. It was a bum rap, of course. Chris Blair might be a little slow-witted and easily confused, but I’ve never seen him turn chicken.

Waypoint! Tell us about the Raid on Kilrah.


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