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It is tailored to destroy enemy torpedo bombers, at which it is devastating, but it is also effective against most fighter-class targets. In addition to its traditional missile armament, it carries multiple ‘cluster-rocket’ packs (swarmers).

If longer-range capacity is needed, this ship can make use of a detachable booster rocket that gets it to its destination more quickly without using afterburner capacity, at a faster rate than afterburner velocity. Once expended, the booster is automatically jettisoned, resulting in markedly-improved acceleration and manoeuvrability for that portion of the fighter which remains.

Its thin shields recharge quickly.

F-108a Panther
F-108a Panther
Space Superiority Fighter
(Class B)
Squadron: Black Widows
Mission/Role: BARCAP, TARCAP, offensive counter-air, escort, some FORCAP, some recon, wild weasel

Usually assigned to light escort carriers, the Panther is a smaller answer to the Vampire. Though it falls short of its bigger brother in terms of long-range combat capability, its exceptional acceleration and manoeuvrability make it preferred by some pilots, who consider it a superior dogfighter.

Its shields are lighter than the Vampire’s, but exhibit similar excellent recharge characteristics.


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