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Carrington Villa: Hostage One

Intro Cinematic: Negotiate This!

Joanna: Agent Dark Mission Log, 1846 hours. Last night we got a call from Cassandra de Vries. A dataDyne team has taken Daniel Carrington hostage at his private villa on the coast, and they say they will spare his life in exchange for the AI.
Negotiate This!
Joanna: Unfortunately, we don’t have it. Daniel and Dr Caroll were at the villa to discuss ‘matters of mutual interest’. It looks like Daniel found a way to hide Dr Caroll inside the villa when the dataDyne hit squad arrived. Hopefully, our phony negotiator ploy will give me a chance to surprise the dataDyne squad. This time, it’s not just my life on the line.

In Level

Joanna: I’ve got to be quick, or they’ll kill the negotiator! (Agent or Special Agent only)

Joanna: If I get the wind generator back on-line, I’ll get power to the lower basement.

Grimshaw: Joanna, it’s Grimshaw. We’ve got hackers at the villa! You’ve got to stop them before they get to our files.
Joanna: Those hackers have got to be stopped, before I rescue Daniel.

Joanna: Here’s where they must be holding Daniel.

Carrington: Act your age, Joanna. (If all bottles in the cellar are destroyed)

Outro Cinematic: Carrington Rescued

Joanna: Sir! Are you injured?
Carrington Rescued
Carrington: No, Joanna, I’m okay, but those dataDyne thugs made me tell them where I’d hidden Dr Caroll. If only I’d held out for a few minutes more…
Joanna: It’s not your fault, sir. I should have been quicker.
Carrington: Don’t blame yourself, Joanna. Dr Caroll told me that he expected this to happen. Actually, when they recaptured him, the dataDyne team got overconfident and let slip a few facts when they thought I was unconscious. They mentioned a meeting in the G5 building in Chicago, Illinois, tonight. I want you to be there, but that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to get ready.
Joanna: That won’t be a problem, sir. So, did Dr Caroll have any useful information for you?
Carrington: Oh yes, indeed. He certainly did, and I’ll brief you when you’re en route to Chicago. We might still be able to help him, even after those butchers remove his personality. He thinks they’ll keep a copy of it in a safe place. It’s about time I called in some friends to deal with dataDyne.

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