version 2.6.5

dataDyne Central: Extraction

Intro Cinematic: Lights Out!

Lights Out!
dataDyne Trooper: Unhh… Sound the alarm – she’s here!
Joanna: Lights out!
Dr Caroll: Oh!
dataDyne Trooper: Unnhh…
Joanna: What the…?

In Level

Carrington: They’ve locked down the ground floor – get to the elevator!
Joanna: Confirmed.

Dr Caroll: Do you actually know what you’re doing?
Protect me!
This is it.
I can’t make it.
I’m dying.

dataDyne Hovercopter: Surrender or die, fugitive!
Carrington: That ’copter needs to be taken out, or the jumpship’ll be shot down.
Joanna: Received.

dataDyne Worker 1: That’s not how it goes.
dataDyne Worker 2: Yes it is…
dataDyne Worker 1: Give it to me, you’re doing it wrong.
dataDyne Worker 2: Stop annoying me.
dataDyne Trooper: Will you just hurry up!
dataDyne Worker 1: Oh no! We’re too late.
dataDyne Worker 2: She’s here!

Cassandra: We meet again, girl!
You’ve become quite an annoyance.
Get her! (If Joanna attacks early)
Good night, Miss Dark!
Joanna: I can’t leave any bodyguards standing.

Carrington: Don’t keep the jumpship waiting. Get back to the landing pad!

Outro Cinematic: Going Somewhere?

Going Somewhere?
Cassandra: Going somewhere?
Joanna: Something I can do for you, old woman?
Cassandra Return our sapient immediately. You don’t know what you are doing.
Joanna: Yes I do… I’m leaving.
Cassandra: One more chance. Give it back… and you could come and work for me.
Joanna: Sorry, gotta shoot.
Mr Blond: You must get the sapient back. We cannot proceed without it.
Cassandra: I know that! I also know who to talk to… Mr Carrington.

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