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Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine

Intro Cinematic: Air of Calm

Elvis: This is the Skedar fanatics’ most holy place. They believe this planet is sacred ground. The Battle Shrine is located at the most holy part of this holy planet.
Joanna: So let me get this straight – it’s holy. But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?
Elvis: Yes. In all of the time that we Maians fought the Skedar, we never found this place. We knew that until it was destroyed, the war would never be over. We fought the Skedar to a standstill, we earned a ceasefire – but we always had to be on our guard. The destruction of this place would mean a chance at true peace.
Air of Calm
Joanna: Then we have to be certain that no fanatics survive. I’ll go in and take out the leader. You’ll have to summon the Maian fleet to level the shrine.
Elvis: If you’re caught on the ground when the fleet gets here, you won’t stand a chance.
Joanna: That’s a mistake I don’t intend to make.

In Level

Joanna: This seem to be one of the special pillars.

Joanna: The power’s more constant in this area. The Inner Sanctum can’t be far away.

Joanna: OH NO! A Skedar army in suspended animation!

Joanna: Okay, this is it… cut off the head and the body will perish.

Outro Cinematic: Gotcha!

Joanna: Yesss!
Oh no!
Elvis: Joanna! Joanna! Where are you? Are you hurt?
Joanna: Elvis! Elvis! Over here.
Elvis: No problem. Grab my arms – we’ll get you out in no time.
Joanna: No, quick! Give me your gun! Will… you… just… let go!
Elvis: I managed to get the fleet to stop bombardment while I looked for you. They’ll start as soon as we’re clear.
Joanna: I’d have got out in time if that one hadn’t grabbed my foot.
Elvis: Of course, Joanna, of course.
Joanna: No, I would have.
Elvis: I believe you.

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