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Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism

Intro Cinematic: Last Chance

Trent: Have you thought any more about that proposal I gave you, sir?
President: My answer remains the same… I’m sorry Trent, but no. I won’t lend the Pelagic II to dataDyne. Now please, can we move on to other matters?
Trent: But this is a golden opportunity to show that America has faith in its industries, and will back them…
President: Damn it man! I say no and I mean no! I’m not gonna change my mind on this! I need my advisers to be unbiased, and recently you’ve not been giving me impartiality I require. Let it go, and we’ll say no more. This is your last chance.
Last Chance
Trent: As you wish, sir.
My last chance? Ha! You fool, that was yours.

In Level

Joanna: Now, let’s retrieve the evidence.

Alaskan Guards: Hi there.
How’s things?
Hi, how are you?
Hey, what’s up?
Joanna: Hi.
Hi ya.
Presidential Security: Where did you get that?
What are you doing with that gun?
What are you doing with that weapon?
Get permission for that!
Hey, that’s dangerous!
Watch where you’re pointing that!
Be careful!
Get that firearm approved, NOW!
Hey, watch what you’re doing with that!
Watch it! That thing could go off!
Stop right there!
Put your hands up!
You’re under arrest!

Steward: Hey, that’s not…
Stewardess: Look out! It’s an intruder!

Carrington: The President’s room is on this level, Joanna.
Joanna: Confirmed.

President: Who are you, young lady?
Joanna: Mr President, you’re in danger. Trent is trying to kidnap you.
President: You can’t make accusations like that without evidence. I assume that you have some.
Joanna: This is a recording of a meeting between Trent and the other conspirators.
President: Seems overwhelming… I’m in your hands. What do we do now?
President: Security! SECURITY!! (If Joanna leaves too early or fails to produce evidence)

Special Cinematic: Docking


President: What was that?
Joanna: We have to get you to the escape pod. Follow me.

President: Are you sure this is the way to the escape pod?
Why are they shooting at me?
I’ve been hit.
I don’t believe this is happening.

Trent: How did you get on board?
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Joanna: Maybe a mine will detach the UFO.
Carrington: Something is wrong… you have to get to the cockpit!
Joanna: Confirmed.

Outro Cinematic: Out of Options!

Out of Options!
Joanna: Elvis! Elvis! I can’t detach that tube from the fuselage! Can you take it out?
Elvis: Piece of cake, Joanna. Watch this!
Joanna: Watch what? Will you stop playing around and shoot!
Elvis: Out of options… Joanna, brace yourself for impact!

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