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Area 51: Rescue

Intro Cinematic: Pearls of Wisdom

Jonathan: The problem you have is that there is no way to sneak into the research section. The only way in available to you is a weak section of wall I’ve marked in a room beyond the stores. It can be destroyed with explosives.
Pearls of Wisdom
Joanna: Doesn’t sound like a problem to me. Where are these explosives?
Jonathan: In that crate.
Joanna: Cute. Very cute.
Jonathan: By the way, the stores are crawling with guards. It may go against your nature, but try sneaking through rather than blasting everything.
Joanna: Certainly. Any other pearls of wisdom?
Jonathan: That crate…
Joanna: Yes?
Jonathan: It really doesn’t like being shot.
Joanna: Great. Now if I can just fight the urge to report him to base security…

In Level

Civilian: Get out of here! (If civilian from previous level is knocked out, not killed)

Area 51 Intercom: Dr Francis, please phone autopsy.
Dr Lovering, please go to Cryo Lab A.
Lieutenant Deal, report to Bio Analysis.
Captain Santiago, go to Medical Bay 6.
Nurse Robinson, report to Containment.

Note: All of these individuals are/were members of the band “The Pixies”.

Lab Technicians: Impostor!
Leave this area, NOW!
Warn the others…
It’s a spy.

Carrington: The temperature is dropping… you must be close to the cryo room.
Joanna: Received.

Joanna: The showers… Now, if I can convince someone to part with their uniform.
Lab Technician: Who are you?
Oh my – a gun!
Help – help!
There is an intruder in the complex!
Joanna: I don’t have much time.

Area 51 Guards: Hi there.
How’s things?
Hi, how are you?
Hey, what’s up?
Joanna: Hi.
Hi ya.

Joanna: The air’s heavily recycled around here – must be near the autopsy lab.
Area 51 Guard: So, you got here at last. Everyone’s been waiting for you…
Lab Technician: Hey, that’s not Harry. It’s an intruder!

Carrington: There he is, Jo! Hurry, or you’ll be too late.

Outro Cinematic: Under the Knife

Under the Knife
Joanna: Put your hands up and step away from the alien. Don’t make me tell you again, Doctor. And turn that laser off.

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