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Crash Site: Confrontation

Intro Cinematic: Red Horizons

Red Horizons
Joanna: Ahhh… uuhhh…
Carrington: Agent Dark! Please report!
Joanna: Ahhh… uhh… owww…
Carrington: Perfect Dark! Come in!
Joanna: A-Agent Dark reporting in…
Carrington: Agent Dark! Please reply!
Joanna: Something’s jamming my transmissions… it’s coming from that other craft. I’d better find the jamming device and check that Elvis is okay. Not forgetting the President, of course.

In Level

Joanna: Elvis… He’ll be able to protect the President.
Elvis gives Joanna a proximity mine upon their first meeting if no mission objectives have yet been completed.
Elvis: Take this, you should find it useful!

Joanna: There’s the escape pod.

Joanna: The jamming… it’s coming from that ship.

Trent: You’ll never save him now!

Outro Cinematic: Blond Freak

Joanna: How are you feeling, Mr President?
President: Better now, young lady. Today, I think, will take a while for me to get over. I can’t believe Easton would do such a thing. I knew he was ambitious, yes, but this…
Joanna: Just one thing, sir… what is the Pelagic II that Trent wanted so badly?
Elvis: (Hee, hee!)
President: It’s a US Government Deep Sea Research Vessel, one of a kind… the only ship that can conduct a full-scale diving operation at extreme depth. Trent wanted me to lend it to the dataDyne corporation, but I refused.
Joanna: Trent has a lot to answer for, but I don’t think we’ll find him now.
Mr Blond: You have failed, Easton. You are a flawed device and we need you no longer.
Trent: Just try it, you Scandinavian freak!
Blond Freak
Trent: Noooooooo!!

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