version 2.6.5

Pelagic II: Exploration

Intro Cinematic: Sneak on Board

Sneak on Board
Elvis: Urrgh… Hee, hee, hee, hee… uuagh…

In Level

Elvis: You go on ahead, Jo. I’ll secure the perimeter. We’ll meet up later.

Joanna: They’ll be unable to conduct operations without any power.

Joanna: Without the autopilot and the GPS, the ship will wander off station. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Joanna: Pull the plug on that, now.
Pelagic II Pilot 1: Please, just don’t hurt me.
Pelagic II Pilot 2: Die, you traitors.
Joanna: Switch this thing off.
Pelagic II Pilot 1: I’ll shut it down now.
Pelagic II Pilots: You win, I surrender.
Please, don’t shoot me.
I give up!
I don’t like this any more!
You win, I give up!
Don’t hurt me!
Please don’t!
I’m just doing my job.

Joanna: This must be where the sub’s controlled from.

Elvis: Joanna… what took you so long? Follow me – let’s get out of this old tub.

Elvis (attacking cries): Eat hard death, weirdos!
I’m bad!
I’ll kick your butt!
In the name of intergalactic peace!
Kiss my alien butt!
Don’t mess with the Maians!
It’s all going wrong!
I’m doing this for your own good!
You dare shoot at me?
Hee, hee!

Outro Cinematic: Descent into the Depths

Descent into the Depths
Elvis: Right. The diving operation has been disrupted on the surface. Time for a swim.
Joanna: I hope the government don’t want to use the ship any time soon.
Elvis: Do you think we were a little heavy-handed?
Joanna and Elvis: Naaahhhh.

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