version 2.6.5

dataDyne Research: Investigation

Intro Cinematic: Going Down

dataDyne Trooper: Huh? Wha…?
Going Down

In Level

Carrington: Get out, Jo! The levels are too high. Use the CamSpy.

Grimshaw: Reprogram that cleaning bot – it’ll give you a way in.
Joanna: Received.

Joanna: Something around here’s using a lot of power.
Lab Technician: What are you doing in my lab?
Joanna: Shut down the experiment.
Lab Technician: I’ll shut it down.
My experiments!
How did that happen? (If Joanna shuts down experiment first)
Someone’s broken my equipment… (If computer destroyed)
Security! (If last experiment to shut down)

Lab Technician: Try it now.
And again.
Any better?
dataDyne Trooper: I’m not sure.
Take that!
I dunno.
Come on!
Lab Technician: Oh, oh no! She’s got a gun!

Lab Technician: I haven’t seen you before…
Joanna: Pull the plug on that, NOW!
Lab Technician: Please, just don’t hurt me.
There, the experiment is down.
Looks like it’s off already. (If Joanna shuts down experiment first)
What happened to the terminal? (If computer destroyed)
I’m calling security. (If last experiment to shut down)
Stop shooting!

Lab Technician: Who the heck are you?
Joanna: Switch this thing off!
Lab Technician: Allow me to assist you.
Leave this area, NOW!
Have you been tampering with this? (If Joanna shuts down the experiment first)
You vandal – you’ve broken it. (If computer destroyed)
Text pop-up, but no speech: It appears someone has destroyed my PC.
Accidents will happen. (If last experiment to shut down)

Carrington: That’s the highest security sector – Dr Caroll has to be nearby.
Joanna: Understood.

Outro Cinematic: Meet the Doctor

Joanna: Dr Caroll? Dr Caroll, are you here?
Dr Caroll: Well, is it safe to come out?
Joanna: Yes, all clear. Wha… what? You’re…?
Meet the Doctor
Dr Caroll: Very professionally done, my dear, but there’s no time to waste! We must leave immediately! Come on. I have vital information, and you must protect me.

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