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Area 51: Infiltration

Intro Cinematic: Video Nasty

Carrington: Okay, Joanna, take a look at this. Our operative inside Area 51 was able to get this out to us. This is your entry point… a deserted helipad on the edge of the base. The lift down to the hangars and the rendezvous point is beyond that wall… watch out for these guards. Here is the communication antenna. Attach a comms rider bug so we can talk to you when you’re inside the base. Again, watch out for hostiles.
Joanna: Oh my…!
Carrington: Here is our friend. He appears to be physically unhurt, though he hasn’t regained consciousness yet. By the look of it, the surgeons are almost done with their preliminary tests and will begin dissection soon.
Joanna: But who was…?
Carrington: Any questions? No. Good. Away you go to the hangar.
Video Nasty
Joanna: Agent Dark Mission Log, 1028 hours. Against my better judgement, I’m about to enter Area 51.

In Level

Civilian: Don’t shoot!
I’m just doing my job.

Joanna: There’s the antenna, but… I can’t throw a bug that high!

Jonathan: Careful with that trigger finger, Agent Dark – you’re closing in on my position.
Joanna: Confirmed.

Outro Cinematic: Loose Ends

Jonathan: Agent Dark, over here.
Joanna: There you are, I was beginning to wonder if…
Jonathan: If what?
Joanna: If you’d been discovered yet. And frankly, if this is how you work, I’m amazed that you lasted longer than five minutes.
Jonathan: I was tidying up one of your loose ends.
Joanna: My loose ends?
Loose Ends
Jonathan: I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you wanted him to shoot you. I can call in some more guards if you like.
Joanna: Okay, okay, forget about it. I’m going to let the Institute know we’ve made contact.

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