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Perfect Dark: Dialogue Script

Perfect Dark

Important! Please note that the dialogue script itself was originally written by Kudrun. Wedge presents a revised, segmented version here, including several additions and corrections. Game-play images, audio clips and the story background and synopsis from Hacker Central are among the new additions.

Written by Kudrun: 2001-08-22
What is Perfect Dark’s “Dialogue script”?
I have personally transcribed Perfect Dark’s entire dialogue. From the dialogue in every cinematic to the ‘in level’ speech. From the start of the Carrington Institute tour, to the final “Special Assignments”, every single word is here, listed in order.
Why have I produced this?
The basic idea, is to allow people the chance to use my very detailed information to:

The information contained on this page has taken many hours of hard work to achieve. Not only did I have to play through the entire game recording every single speech and comment, I then had to write all of that down and type it up in HTML (the page which you are currently reading). And although it has taken a long time to produce, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Replaying every single level again (sometimes more than once) gave me the opportunity to explore it further. There were parts I didn’t remember at all. I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope you can enjoy it as much.

The basic layout to the transcription is quite simple. The name of the level is written within borders in big bold letters. Sub-headings (such as “Intro Cinematic”) will be in slightly smaller borders and will mark out the relevant points within the level script they appear. Each character’s speech is coloured as in the game to help in reading, and everything is in order.

Perfect Dark also boasts a total of 307 comments that the guards say throughout the entire game. I have transcribed these, and they can be found separately.

Throughout the game, Joanna sometimes answers to communications (directions or help) by use of some very simple words: “Received”, “Understood”, “Confirmed” etc. Although I have included Joanna’s ‘in level’ answers, they may not be the ones you hear when you play the level through yourself. Her answers are random, so you can never be too sure as to what she says.

If there is anything that I have missed (and I’m sure I’ve missed at least one thing), then please e-mail me. The more help the better.

If you would like to use this information (personal or otherwise) then please do so. All that I ask is that you use it in full, which credits me (Kudrun) for the hard work I put in to transcribe the entire dialogue.

If you have any suggestions on future projects (on a similar scale perhaps) then please get in contact with me. I’m always open to suggestions and I’m always here to help. I really enjoyed transcribing this, and I hope it’s useful to everyone. If you want to read it as a story, use it to gather information, work out any differentiating story lines or to read it just for fun, the choice is up to you. This information is here, you can do what you want with it.

Thank you for your time.

Kudrun: “Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power.”


Joanna Dark
Daniel Carrington
CI Personnel
Cassandra de Vries
dataDyne Personnel
Dr Caroll
Mr Blond
Trent Easton
Aelphaeis “Elvis” Mangarae
US President


Carrington Institute: Introduction
Carrington Institute: Training
dataDyne Central: Defection
dataDyne Research: Investigation
dataDyne Central: Extraction
Carrington Villa: Hostage One
Chicago: Stealth
G5 Building: Reconnaissance
Area 51: Infiltration
Area 51: Rescue
Area 51: Escape
Air Base: Espionage
Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism
Crash Site: Confrontation
Pelagic II: Exploration
Deep Sea: Nullify Threat
Carrington Institute: Defence
Attack Ship: Covert Assault
Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
End Credits
Mr Blond’s Revenge
Maian SOS

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