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Deep Sea: Nullify Threat

Intro Cinematic: Deeper Inside…

Deeper Inside…
Elvis: This doesn’t seem normal. No one’s around.
Joanna: No sign of conflict. No spent ammo cases or bullet holes.
Elvis: But there ought to be a rear guard at least. It makes no sense.
Joanna: There has to be someone further inside. Cover me.

In Level

Elvis (attacking cries): Eat hard death, weirdos!
I’m bad!
I’ll kick your butt!
In the name of intergalactic peace!
Kiss my alien butt!
Don’t mess with the Maians!
It’s all going wrong!
I’m doing this for your own good!
You dare shoot at me?
Hee, hee!

Elvis: Time to reactivate those teleportals.
Hee, hee!
This will help us to get around the ship quicker.

Elvis: Here, take this gun and keep the Skedar off my back while I’m working.

Elvis: It looks like this could benefit from a little bit of sabotage.
Hee, hee!

Elvis: There’s Dr Caroll. Let’s see if we can reverse what was done to him.

Special Cinematic: Virus!

Joanna: Here goes. I just hope dataDyne haven’t done anything to prevent this…
Dr Caroll: Virus detected!
Joanna: Me and my big mouth.
Dr Caroll: Commencing countermeasures… Commenc…
*** ooOOoh! *** eeEEe! *** aaAhh! oOOoh! *** aAArgghh! *** YEEeeooOOOOOOowWWwlll! ***
Joanna: Dr Caroll? Are you in control again? Can you stop the program?
Dr Caroll: Yes, I’m back again, my dear. But the program has run far too long for me to prevent it from completing. There is only one way out now.
Joanna: What do you mean?
Dr Caroll: When the program has run, I will have control of a vastly powerful weapon. It cannot be allowed to exist. So I must destroy the Cetan and, unfortunately, myself along with it. I’m sorry, Joanna… there is no other way, and no time to discuss this. Go now – avoid the Skedar and you will have time to escape. It has been an honour to work with you. Goodbye, Joanna Dark.

Elvis: We have to get out of here!

Outro Cinematic: Pulling Out

Pulling Out

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