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Carrington Institute: Defence

Intro Cinematic: Victory Salute

Carrington: All ready, Joanna? We can’t keep the Maian delegation waiting. Or the President, of course.
Joanna: Am I ready? What do you mean? I was ready half and hour ago. It was you holding us up.
Victory Salute
Carrington: But you know how it is, Joanna… I had to make sure my hair was just right, and then there was the suit…
Joanna: They should keep you away from mirrors. Nervous?
Carrington: Very. I’ve waited for this moment for so many years. Contact, friendly contact between Humans and Maians is what the Institute was founded for. And in a few minutes we’ll be at the White House, and it will finally happen…
Where did that come from?
Joanna: It was up on ground level…
CI Soldier: Hey!
Joanna: Looks like someone doesn’t know when to quit. We’ve got to get everyone out!

In Level

Carrington: Joanna – we’re under attack. Get the guns back on-line – hurry.
Joanna: The auto-defences will really help me out.

Carrington: The Skedar have taken hostages. Get up to the offices and save them.
Joanna: Understood. I’ll have to go carefully… the hostages are counting on me.

Holo Training Room
Lab Technician: Quick! Let’s get to the hangar… and thanks.

Device Lab
Lab Technician (female): Thanks for coming back for me, Joanna.
Lab Technician (male): Thanks, Jo.

Information Centre
Grimshaw: That was too close, I nearly had to take them out myself.
Lab Technician: Thanks.

Firing Range
Foster: I knew I could count on you, Joanna.
Lab Technician: Thanks, Jo.

Carrington: They’re using a new form of shield technology. Foster was working on a new weapon which may be useful.
Joanna: Affirmative.

Joanna: So this is what Foster was working on.

Carrington: Blast it… my office… if they get access… Get there first, Jo, and destroy the files.
Joanna: Confirmed.

Carrington: Things are desperate. They’ve planted a bomb. Find it and get it out of the building.
Joanna: Understood.

Carrington: Well done, Joanna. We’re nearly clear… The last drop ship is waiting for you. Hurry.
Joanna: Affirmative.

Outro Cinematic: Dash for Freedom

Dash for Freedom
Joanna: Get clear! I’ll hold them off… you can come back and get me later! At least, I hope you can. Eeehh, eeehhh!

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