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dataDyne Central: Defection

Intro Cinematic: Enter the Dark

Joanna: Why the big hurry?
Carrington: If Dr Caroll is not extracted tonight, dataDyne will put him through mind conditioning, and we’ll lose our best chance of finding out what dataDyne are up to.
Enter the Dark
Joanna: Are they all expendable?
Carrington: Don’t joke! You have to be careful, Joanna. Code keys will only work while the owner is alive… if you kill them, the key is useless. Armed guards are a different matter of course.
Joanna: What’s the target location?
Carrington: Work your way down the building to the ground level. Dr Caroll will be in a research lab somewhere in the underground facility.
Joanna: How will I recognise him?
Carrington: We don’t have an image record, and we can’t find any official files. All we have is the name. Good luck, Perfect Dark.

In Level

Carrington: We’re getting a positive reading – the internal comms hub is nearby.
Joanna: Understood.

Carrington: You’re on the same floor as Cassandra’s office.
Joanna: Confirmed.

Cassandra’s Office
Cassandra: Who are you, and what are you doing here?
Secretary: Look out, she’s got a gun!
Cassandra: You won’t shoot me, foolish child!
Don’t you know who I am?
Let’s see how you deal with security.
You will regret this intrusion, girl.
How dare you disturb me!
If I were you, I’d leave… NOW!
Secretary: Don’t shoot!
Please don’t kill me.

dataDyne Worker: Yes, yes, I agree. Personality is expendable in this case. No, I can start the process from my office terminal and delete the necessary files at the same time. I’ll begin at once. Goodbye.
dataDyne Worker: Help – Intruder!
Security… help me!
Joanna: I’ve got a password problem, and you’re the man to help me with it.
Move it!
dataDyne Worker: Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!
dataDyne Worker: You vandal, you’ve broken it! (If computer destroyed)
I… I’m logging on now.
Right, I’m in…
Goodbye, Dr Caroll.

Joanna: The other hub has got to be in the security room.

Carrington: The basement elevator must be around there somewhere.
Joanna: Received.

Outro Cinematic: Quick Descent

No dialogue

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