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Area 51: Escape

Intro Cinematic: Gas!

Lab Technician: What do you think you’re doing? This is supposed to be a sealed room! Don’t you know anything about autopsy procedures?
Joanna: I don’t care much for procedures!
Lab Technician: Director Easton will hear about this, young lady. You can’t take that! It’s government property! This is intolerable! It’s… it’s… unprofessional!
Let’s see how that overconfident thief deals with our gas defence system. She’ll think twice before messing with me again!
Joanna: What’s that noise? Can’t be… gas!
Lab Technician: No, that wasn’t meant to happen! <cough, choke, splutter>
Joanna: You idiot! We’d better get out of here.

In Level

Jonathan: Joanna – this is Jonathan. You’re in grave danger. They’ve flooded the area with nerve gas. Get our friend to the containment lab, there’s a hiding place there. I’ll contact you when you get there – good luck!
Joanna: Received.

Area 51 Intercom: Dr Francis, please phone autopsy.
Dr Lovering, please go to Cryo Lab A.
Lieutenant Deal, report to Bio Analysis.
Captain Santiago, go to Medical Bay 6.
Nurse Robinson, report to Containment.

Note: All of these individuals are/were members of the band “The Pixies”.

Jonathan: Good work, Jo. We need to meet up. They’re getting suspicious of me. Use the maintenance hatch I’ve opened in one of the containment labs. Hurry.
Joanna: Affirmative.
Joanna: Time to hook up with Jonathan, before he gets into any more trouble.

Joanna: That smell… oil… I smelt that in the other hangars.

Joanna: The medpack’s got to be somewhere around here.

Jonathan: Joanna – over here. We need to get back to our friend.

Jonathan: Right, we’re near. Cover me, Jo…
Blast it, Joanna, cover me!
Okay – stand back.
Okay, Jo – let’s go.

Special Cinematic: Elvis Wakes Up

Elvis: ***aahh…! aahaa…! aaaaahhh! aha. ahh.***
I’m alive! I thought I’d be chopped up like the others by now. You’re from the Institute, aren’t you? I recognise you from before. You helped me. Thank you.
Joanna: You… you speak our language?
Jonathan: Watch her… she’s sharp.
Elvis: Earrggghh… eerggh…
Joanna: What’s wrong?
Elvis: I have a headache, and with a head this big, that’s no joke.
Elvis Wakes Up
Joanna: Can you walk? We must leave before they get organised and hunt us down.
Elvis: I think so. What’s your name?
Joanna: I’m Agent Dark. Or Joanna, if you prefer.
Elvis: Well, Joanna, I’m Protector One. But you can call me… Elvis.

Elvis: Oh, no! We have a problem. It’s a single seater! Two can get in but no more.
Joanna: It’s the only way out of here.
Elvis: Plus it’s got no style, you know what I’m saying?
Joanna: You’re the only one who can fly it, Elvis, so get in.
Jonathan: One of us will have to stay behind and open the hangar doors.
Joanna: But we can’t leave you behind. There must be a way out of here.
Jonathan: I’ll get out on that hoverbike. Now cover me while I open the doors.
Joanna: Jonathan, go with Elvis. I’ll see to the consoles.
Joanna: The jetbike should get me out before they lock the base down.

Outro Cinematic: Escape


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