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Chicago: Stealth

Intro Cinematic: Dark Alley

Carrington: We suspect the G5 corporation is just a front for dataDyne and whoever else is involved in this plot. I know Cassandra de Vries is going to be here, but I need to know who else is attending and what they discuss. By the time you get out, the help I requested should have arrived.
Dark Alley
Joanna: Just who is this help you keep referring to?
Carrington: Not now, Joanna, time for radio silence. Good luck!
Joanna: Thanks a lot.

In Level

Civilian: Greetings, citizen.
She’s got a gun!
There’s a madman on the loose!

FBI Agent: How’s it going?
Base, we have an intruder!

CIA and FBI – Communications: Attention all personnel. Locate and apprehend fugitive.

CIA Agent: Guns don’t scare me.

G5 Patrol Robot: Stop where you are!
Attack, attack!

Carrington: The only place we could secure the equipment was a storm drain.
Joanna: Received.

Grimshaw: Reprogram that taxi – it’s a Mark 2 and should be compatible.
Joanna: Understood.

Civilians: Whoa, take it easy there, lady. (Joanna unarmed)
I don’t want any trouble.
Here… take the wallet.

Joanna: Either of those blocked-up doors will do as an escape route.

G5 Guards: What was that?
What a mess.
I never liked that robot anyway.
The boss ain’t going to be pleased.
We can always get another one.

Carrington: The car park lift is your only point of ingress.
Joanna: Affirmative.

Outro Cinematic: G5 Penetrated

No dialogue

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