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Righteous Fire: Tayla

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Pirate Base Bar

You look like you’ve agreed to do a little smuggling. I can tell these things. Be careful, pal. Confeds aren’t a big fan of smugglers.

You’re a privateer, huh? Good to see you. We’ve had a shortage of privateer customers lately, since so many are joining up with the Confeds. Drink up!

Pirate activity is on the rise. Without much Confed and Militia presence, pirates have free reign. Don’t know that I mind smuggling, actually. I mean, if people want something, why not let them have it?


Tayla 1

Burrows: Hello, Tayla.
Tayla: Wow. I never expected to see you again. What’s new?
Burrows: The usual. Boy meets gun, boy blows up drone, boy loses gun, you know the story.
Tayla: I heard. Say, you interested in some dirty work?
Burrows: Probably.
Tayla: I could use you to deliver some personal cargo for me. I need it to go to Tuck in Sherwood. No contraband, and I’ll make sure the pirates stay off your back. The job pays 10000. I’ll meet you at Tuck. How about it?
Tayla: Great. See you there.
Tayla: Not good enough for you, huh? I know you. You’ll change your tune.
Tayla: I knew you’d come back.
Burrows: Let’s hear the specs again.
Tayla: Here it is. You deliver some personal cargo for me to Tuck in Sherwood. There’s no contraband, and I’ll keep the pirates on your side. You get 10000, and I’ll be at Tuck to greet you.
Tayla: Great. See you there.
Tayla: Whatever you say.
Tayla: I see you still haven’t delivered my goods to Tuck.
Burrows: I had some stuff to take care of. What was the plan again?
Tayla: Let me refresh your memory. Deliver some personal cargo for me to Tuck in Sherwood. There’s no contraband, and I’ll keep the pirates on your side. The pay is 10000. I’ll be at Tuck to greet you. Once and for all, are you going to do it or not?
Tayla: Try to get it right this time.
Tayla: Why do I bother with you?
Fly Tayla 1

Tayla 2

Tayla: Congratulations, you finally made it.
Burrows: Yeah, yeah. Say, just what was that ‘personal stuff’ anyway?
Tayla: None of your business, naturally. And speaking of business, I’ve got a load of Brilliance for you to smuggle.
Burrows: Great. There’s nothing like running a gauntlet of self-righteous Confeds. Where’s the Brilliance going?
Tayla: A mining base in Prasepe called Saratov. It should be a piece of cake, if you can avoid contraband searches. Come back here for payment.
Burrows: What’s the wages?
Tayla: 20000. Deal?
Tayla: Good luck. See you soon.
Burrows: Sorry. Not my style.
Burrows: Tayla, I’ve thought about your offer. Tell me the details again.
Tayla: Take a load of Brilliance to Saratov base in Prasepe. Come back here and get 20000. It’s that simple.
Burrows: Let’s hope the Confeds are napping today.
Tayla: Right.
Tayla: Whatever.
Tayla: The boys on Saratov say they haven’t got their Brilliance yet. What’s the deal? Just bring the Brilliance to Saratov, and you get 20000. Are you going to do it?
Burrows: Brilliance, Saratov, 20000. Got it.
Tayla: You have to quit changing your mind like this. It’ll give you a bad rep.
Fly Tayla 2

Tayla 3

Tayla: You’re back. Good work. I’ve got another Brilliance run for you, if you’re interested.
Burrows: Tell me the payoff first.
Tayla: 30000.
Burrows: Go on.
Tayla: Fly to Junction and deliver the stuff to Speke. Come back here for payment.
Burrows: Why aren’t you giving any of these missions to your normal pirate pals?
Tayla: I think some of them are nervous about the increased Retro activity. Plus you’ve proven yourself more reliable.
Burrows: I’m glad you’ve finally noticed.
Tayla: What do you say?
Tayla: Good luck.
Tayla: Seems strange to back out now, ace.
Tayla: Back so soon?
Burrows: Yeah, back so soon. Let’s hear the deal again.
Tayla: Okay. For 30000, you deliver a cargo of Brilliance to Speke in Junction. Return here afterwards.
Tayla: Good luck.
Burrows: Nope. Still don’t want it.
Tayla: They haven’t got the Brilliance yet. What’s going on?
Burrows: Yeah, I know. Sorry. I got side-tracked. Let me hear the scoop again.
Tayla: I don’t know why, but I’ll give you another chance. Take the load of Brilliance to Speke in Junction. That’s it. The job pays 30000.
Tayla: Don’t get side-tracked this time.
Tayla: Too complicated, eh?
Fly Tayla 3

Tayla 4

Tayla: Excellent work. That last run made a lot of important people happy.
Burrows: Swell. Then it was all worth while.
Tayla: I do have another run, if you’re interested.
Burrows: Let me guess. Brilliance.
Tayla: Correct. Bring it to Basque base in the Pyrenees system. Pyrenees is quite a trip from here, and you’ll be compensated accordingly: 40000. Come back here afterwards.
Tayla: Good.
Tayla: Too bad. 40000 would buy a lot of spare missiles, you know.
Burrows: Tell me about the mission again.
Tayla: Okay. For 40000, you deliver a cargo of Brilliance to Basque in Pyrenees.
Tayla: This is a big one. Good luck.
Burrows: Nope. Still don’t want it.
Tayla: I hope you’re not going to ask for payment, since you haven’t made the delivery yet.
Burrows: Sorry. Are you still offering?
Tayla: Yes, but only because of your past success. You are to take the Brilliance to Basque in Pyrenees for 40000. Decide carefully. Do you want the job?
Tayla: Okay. Please do it right. I could get into real trouble here.
Tayla: Okay, but I can’t hold the offer for you much longer.
Fly Tayla 4


Tayla: Great job. You’ve made my friends on Basque very happy. Well, that’s all the work I have for you. Be advised, though, I’ve got several contacts who are interested in your exploits. I’ll make sure to put in a good word for you.
Burrows: Great. Thanks.
See Lynn Murphy on Edom agricultural base, in the New Constantinople system.
See Sandra Goodin on Perry Naval Base
See Masterson at Oxford Library

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