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Wing Commander Privateer: Righteous Fire Introduction

Jolson Pleasure Base…
One Year Later…
Robot: Attention please.
Burrows: Huh?
Robot: Base Command has instructed me to notify you of a recent theft.
Burrows: Theft? What are you talking about?
Robot: Unknown persons have tampered with a spaceship registered under your name. Analysis indicates that one cannon has been dismounted and taken. The ship is otherwise undamaged.
Burrows: Which gun? Do you know which gun?
Robot: Your most recent docking record indicates that the stolen cannon is of an unregistered type.
Burrows: They stole my Steltek gun? I don’t believe it.
Robot: A report is available at the Base Command offices.
Burrows: Listen, metal man, I don’t think you understand me. That gun represents blood, sweat, and money! It’s irreplaceable! And you bozos let somebody walk off with it? This is outrageous! I paid my docking fee for actual security, not some bunch of tin idiots! I ought to blow you to bits right here. In fact…
Robot: Desist.
Burrows: Then again, who am I to tell you how to do your job.
Robot: To file a security complaint, please begin by completing the appropriate forms. A Base Command representative will be able to help you. Have a pleasurable stay on Jolson.
Burrows: They stole my gun. My beautiful Steltek gun.

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