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Righteous Fire: Monte

Mining Base Landing Pad
Mining Base Concourse


Mining Base Bar

The situation’s really bad for the Confederation. I think they’ll have to make some concessions really soon, or else fall to either the Retros or the Kilrathi. I wonder which bases they’ll give up first?

I hear the Retro blockades have become almost impossible to break. Some blockades have lasted for weeks. Without adequate supplies, Gemini becomes all the weaker.

Monte 1

Monte: Greetings. You must be that privateer.
Burrows: That’s right. I was sent to see you by Masterson.
Monte: I know.
Burrows: Just who are you?
Monte: Call me Monte. The details of my identity do not concern you. I have information that you may find quite valuable, but I must request a few favours in exchange.
Burrows: You want me to fly missions for you.
Monte: Certainly. Some will be difficult, but I have faith in your abilities.
Burrows: Let’s talk money. How much for the first job?
Monte: No money, I’m afraid. I’m a rather poor man.
Burrows: I sympathise, but I can’t afford to do charity work. Sorry.
Monte: Hold on, my friend. The information in my possession is more important than you realise. For example, I have been able to obtain a list of the Retros’ most wanted enemies. It names the ten individuals who pose the greatest threat to the Retros’ growing empire. Your name is on that list. The danger to your life becomes ever more serious. Your survival depends on the defeat of the Retros.
Burrows: Well, I’ll hear you out. What’s the first job?
Monte: Quite simple. I desire safe transport to New Detroit. If you take me there, our discussions can proceed.
Monte: Excellent. I’m ready to go.
Monte: Time is running out. Please reconsider.
Monte: I hope you’ve reconsidered. I would like safe transport to New Detroit. Take me there, and our discussions can proceed.
Burrows: Okay. Let’s go.
Monte: Remember, the Retros are not asleep.
Monte: This is not New Detroit. Please take me there.
Burrows: Sorry about the mix-up. We’ll be on our way soon.
Monte: As you wish.
Fly Monte 1
New Detroit Landing Pad
New Detroit Concourse

Monte 2

Monte: Thank you for the transportation.
Burrows: No problem. Tell me what you know.
Monte: Patience. I receive my information slowly. Besides, it would be unwise to divulge all my knowledge immediately.
Burrows: I’m starting to wonder just how much you do know, pal.
Monte: Let me try to pacify you. I know that the Retros have recently been united. This unity has given them the strength to begin their conquest. It has all been possible because of a strong new Retro leader, as you may have discovered. Probably no more than ten people in Gemini, including the Retros themselves, know the identity of this new leader. I am one of those ten. The leader’s name is Mordecai Jones.
Burrows: I don’t care about his name. What do you know about him?
Monte: Not much, admittedly. He is some sort of scientist or engineer. He became a Retro only recently. His organisation of the Retros has been astounding. I have never heard of any organisation going from disarray to power in such a short time.
Burrows: Yeah, I think he’s swell, too. The question is, where is he?
Monte: I do not know. But I may be able to find out soon.
Burrows: How soon?
Monte: Patience. First, you must fly another mission.
Burrows: I suppose I’m at your mercy.
Monte: I want you to go to Drake in the Capella system. You will meet a man there. Follow his instructions. That is all.
Monte: Good luck.
Monte: I see. Then I can give you no further information.
Monte: You have returned. Will you accept my mission? I want you to fly to Drake in the Capella system, and carry out the instructions of the person you will meet there.
Burrows: It’s a deal. You’d better have some good info when I get back.
Burrows: I tire of your ramblings. Farewell.
Monte: I have not heard from my associate. Apparently you have not completed his task.
Burrows: Yeah, I suppose not. Who was that again?
Monte: He is on the Drake base in Capella. He will give you further instructions.
Monte: Return when you are finished.
Burrows: I’m tired of these games, Monte. See you around.
Fly Monte 2a
Burrows: I represent Monte.
Informant: Ah, good. My instructions are simple. Take these encrypted documents and deliver them to Monte. Simple enough?
Burrows: Yes.
Informant: Good. Make haste.
Fly Monte 2b

Monte 3

Monte: Excellent. You have made the delivery as requested. Now I will give you what little additional information I have. I was hoping to find out where Mordecai Jones resides. Unfortunately, I have not been given that information. I do know, however, that he has a secret base in Gemini. Inevitably, it is well guarded by the Retros.
Burrows: That’s not much to go on, Monte.
Monte: No, it isn’t. I apologise. If I knew more, I would tell you.
Burrows: If that’s it, I suppose I’ll be going.
Monte: I do have one more request of you. I will pay this time.
Burrows: And how much?
Monte: 5000. It’s not much, but it’s all I have. I too am on the Retros’ most wanted list. I’m not sure why. They may have found out about my information dealing. In any case, I need to travel to the Nexus system, but I have learned that a group of Retros awaits me there. I would like you to destroy those Retros. They should be waiting to surprise me at Nav 4.
Burrows: 5000 is not much money.
Monte: There is more. I am about to receive additional information that will interest you. If you return here after completing the mission, I will give it to you. That is surely worth something.
Burrows: All right. I’ll do it.
Monte: Wonderful. I await your safe return.
Burrows: Your track record is too poor. Forget it.
Burrows: I’ve reconsidered.
Monte: I see. Let me describe the mission again. Fly to Nav 4 in the Nexus system. Destroy the Retros you will find there. Return here afterwards for 5000 and additional information.
Burrows: I think I’ll take it.
Burrows: Sorry, Monte, I’m not interested.
Monte: You have not completed my mission. I cannot help you until you help me.
Burrows: Right. Where were the Retros again?
Monte: They await me at Nav 4 in the Nexus system. I will give you 5000 and some useful information.
Monte: Good luck.
Monte: Then I suppose our dealings end here.
Fly Monte 3

Monte 4

Monte: Fine work. I will be able to return to Nexus soon.
Burrows: Let’s hear the information. What else do you know about Jones?
Monte: Nothing, I’m afraid. The knowledge I referred to earlier is not about Jones. It is about someone else you may have heard of, Governor Menesch.
Burrows: That name sounds familiar.
Monte: The man is a menace. Years ago, Menesch was governor of a base in a more populated system. As his influence grew, so did his lust for money. He had used his connections to sell Confederation ships, mostly Talons, to outlaw groups such as the pirates and the Retros. It’s been years since his administration collapsed, and now, he’s come out of hiding to do business in Gemini. It seems more than coincidence that your gun should disappear with Menesch around. I wouldn’t put anything past him. If he can stoop to becoming the Retros main supplier, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had connections with the Kilrathi.
Burrows: Sounds like true slime to me.
Monte: I’ll give you this tip. If you want to get to Mordecai Jones, the first step is to destroy his supply line. Eliminate Menesch, and we’ll see how the Retros get their weapons.
Burrows: I can only kill him if I can find him.
Monte: The best I can do is steer you in the right direction, if you’re interested.
Burrows: Are you offering a bounty?
Monte: No. If you complete the mission, I will return to Nexus and go into hiding. I understand, however, that there may be others in Gemini offering to pay a bounty. If I was a fighting man I would try to collect the bounties myself, but… do what you will with the information. The choice and risk are yours.
Monte: Unfortunately, I don’t know his exact location, but I can tell you he is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system. If you don’t find him in Troy, he’s bound to be hiding out in one of the neighbouring systems. I believe that if you patrol all those systems, you will be able to find him. I do not know how well he defends himself. Good luck, this may be our last meeting.
Monte: I see. I will await your reconsideration.
Monte: Have you thought it over? Do you wish to accept? The mission is to kill Governor Menesch. I know he is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system. If you don’t find him in Troy, he’s bound to be hiding out in one of the neighbouring systems. Of course, I can offer no reward, but others in Gemini are offering bounties. What do you say?
Monte: Good luck. The fate of Gemini may be at stake.
Burrows: Not a chance, Monte. Ship maintenance isn’t free, you know.
Monte: Menesch lives. Did you forget his location? I will repeat it. He is currently in operation somewhere near the Troy system. If you don’t find him in Troy, he’s bound to be hiding out in one of the neighbouring systems. Your mission is to destroy him.
Monte: Good luck.
Monte: You could have done Gemini a great service. Too bad.
Fly Monte 4
  1. Menesch? Looks like I’m gonna be rich.
  2. It’s a good day for a bounty.
Menesch: Not so quickly, aren’t you looking for something? Aren’t you the unfortunate privateer who lost his gun?
Burrows: Where’s the gun, then I’ll kill you.
Menesch: Kill? Another fine privateer like yourself. That gun was one of my great enterprising endeavours. With trading leverage that good, even the Cats will deal.
Burrows: You gave the gun to the Kilrathi?
Menesch: No, even I would not give a Cat sharper claws. Mordecai Jones was so fond of it. And the Kilrathi… so afraid the Confeds would get it. So, we made a deal. Jones wants the gun on every Retro ship. Something about a spiritual cleansing tool. I really must be jumping out now. I’ll leave you to your death.
Burrows: Are you ready for a fight?
Menesch: Ironic, isn’t it? I place a bounty on your head, and here you are trying to collect one on me.
  1. I don’t need a green gun to kill you!
  2. Scum! Killing you will be a pleasure.
  3. You’re going down, Menesch.
  4. My best to your widow.
Menesch: Prepare for death, idiot!
Out of my space, second class citizen!
You’re in over your head, simpleton!
Surely we can work this out.


Monte: Well done. Menesch is dead. I’m afraid I have to go now, but I wanted to thank you. You have done the Gemini sector an invaluable service. Goodbye.
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