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Wing Commander Privateer: Roman Lynch

New Constantinople Landing Pad
New Constantinople Concourse


New Constantinople Bar

Hey, an assassin from the Church of Man was here last week. He was looking to whack some artist, a writer or something. Those Retros give me the creeps. I hear they hate all technology… just the kind of wackos you want to run into on a space station, eh?

You wouldn’t believe the trouble Oxford has been having with data theft. These database jackers I know are looking to trawl the Oxford net. They been at it for months, but it’s a tough crack. I bet it’s worth it, though. Lot of valuable info at the Oxford Library…

I can’t stop shaking… I just heard that the 6th Confederation fleet was lost around Midgard… Gone! The Kilrathi must’ve destroyed them so fast they couldn’t even get a message off! An entire fleet, lost! We’re doomed, it’s only a matter of time… Drink up, friend. While you still can…


You don’t wanna talk to me, ’cause I don’t wanna talk to you. And anyone that makes me do what I don’t wanna do gets hurt, pain-wise, get me? Mr Lynch, sitting over there, he’s the one you wanna talk to… so either state your bidness or take a hike, buddy.
Roman Lynch

Roman Lynch 1

Lynch: Ah, Captain. I’ve been expecting you. I am Roman Lynch.
Burrows: Mr Lynch, as you know, what we have to discuss is… confidential.
Lynch: Oh, you may speak freely around my assistant Miggs. He is exceedingly loyal.
Burrows: Okay. As Tayla probably told you, I need information on an artefact – what it is, its history and, most of all, its value.
Lynch: Of course. I have examined the holo your associate Tayla provided me. I believe I could shed some light on this mystery… given the right motivation. For example, there is a certain pilot who has caused me much professional embarrassment. Could you take care of him for me, Captain?
Burrows: Ha! You must be joking. I’m no assassin.
Miggs: You want I should take you outside the airlock and teach you how to suck vacuum?
Lynch: Gentlemen, please, let us remain professional. I only want you to find the man and deliver a personal message for me. Simply tell him how profoundly displeased and… disappointed I am with him. Do this, and I will pay you 10000 credits, as well as investigate this artefact of yours. Agreed?
Burrows: Okay, what’s this pilot’s name?
Lynch: You’ll find Captain Seelig in the Pentonville system. His ship is the Hooded Hawk. See that he gets my message.
Burrows: And what about the artefact, Mr Lynch?
Lynch: Naturally I’ll need to borrow it, so my experts can appraise it.
Burrows: Naturally, you’ll excuse me while I laugh. Now that we’ve had our fun, will a hologram do?
Lynch: It will not. The analysis will take longer, and be less thorough.
Burrows: But I’m sure you’ll do your best for someone you owe a favour.
Lynch: Very well. This is my place. Come here when you’re done for your pay.
Burrows: This sounds like an internal problem. Get one of your own people to do it.
Lynch: I go to great lengths for my friends, Captain. But I am not a charity. If you wish to learn about this artefact, you’ll have to talk to me… sooner or later.
Lynch: Well, if it isn’t our pilot. Have you reconsidered?
Burrows: I’m waiting to be convinced.
Lynch: Your services are not indispensable to me… however, I’ll humour you this time. I want you to fly to the Pentonville system. There you will locate a man named Seelig, captain of the Hooded Hawk. I wish you to tell him how profoundly… disappointed I am in him. For that service I will pay you 10000 credits, and provide you with information regarding the object once you return here. So… either accept my deal, or stop wasting my time.
Lynch: Be on your way then, Captain. Miggs and I await your speedy return.
Burrows: I still think you need to handle this one yourself, Mr Lynch.
Lynch: Ah. How did Captain Seelig react to my chastisement?
Burrows: Actually, I haven’t taken him the message yet.
Lynch: Indeed? I must admit, I’m surprised. I suppose you’re not as curious regarding the artefact as I had thought.
Burrows: You suppose wrong. I just got… delayed. Trust me… I’ll scour the nav points in the Pentonville system, find the Hooded Hawk, and tell Captain Seelig just how disappointed you are with him.
Lynch: I hope so. Unless you succeed, I fear I’ll be quite incapable of helping you.
Burrows: Or quite unwilling.
Lynch: Either way, neither of us profits. Remember that.
Fly Lynch 1
  1. Hooded Hawk, come in.
  2. I’m looking for a Captain Seelig.
  3. I represent Roman Lynch.
Seelig: Nice ship, Captain. How about a little tour?
Burrows: Sorry, but we have other business right now.
Seelig: Okay, you got my attention. What do you want?
Burrows: Roman Lynch is very disappointed in you.
Seelig: He is, is he? Want to hear our response?
  1. Yes.
  2. No.
Seelig: Well, here it comes…
How’s that for a message, errand boy?

Roman Lynch 2

Lynch: Did you deliver my message to Captain Seelig?
Burrows: Yes. He attacked me.
Lynch: Alas, who would’ve thought Captain Seelig would react in such paranoid fashion?
Burrows: I have a feeling that’s just what you wanted. I don’t like being manipulated, Lynch!
Lynch: Perhaps this payment, along with some information, will smooth your furrowed brow. Thus far, our search of records and databases has turned up nothing. On numerous worlds my people have been harassed, arrested, interrogated… all for asking questions about your artefact. Granting you this favour is costing me rather dearly. You will therefore need to make another effort to keep our relationship a happy one.
Burrows: Another chump job, Lynch?
Miggs: Ever seen your lungs? Keep crackin’ wise, I’ll show them to ya… up-close, like.
Burrows: Jeez, where do you get your dialogue, Thugs-R-Us?
Lynch: Enough, Miggs. Pilot, I need you to make a very important delivery. It will further finance the study of your artefact. I’ll also pay you 15000 credits. Interested?
Lynch: Good. I need you to rush a weapons shipment to planet Siva in Rikel system. It’s already late. Merely dock, and my people will unload your ship. Leave immediately thereafter, and return here for your payment.
Burrows: Do you have the weapons here?
Lynch: Of course not. I don’t soil my hands with such… incriminating details. You will find them already loaded on your ship. Also, I must caution you regarding one… potential danger. One of my less scrupulous competitors, Salman Kroiz, may be out to stop the shipment. But I have every confidence that you will handle him… appropriately.
Burrows: You’ve told me nothing so far, Lynch. I’ll take my search elsewhere.
Lynch: You’ll find it severely impeded. I have a monopoly on this sort of information. Especially since we both know you can’t go to the authorities with this. Mark my words… you’ll be back.
Lynch: I do hope you’ve returned to accept the mission. Really, you should, you know. All you need do is transport my load of weapons to the Siva agricultural planet in Rikel. Afterwards, return here and I’ll pay you 15000 credits. Interested?
Lynch: I will load the weapons into your ship immediately. This is an urgent mission, please expedite.
Burrows: You still haven’t told me anything, Lynch. I’ll get my information elsewhere.
Lynch: You may again mark my words… If you want information on the artefact… you’ll be back.
Lynch: I understand from my contacts on Siva that you’ve not delivered those weapons yet. I did inform you that it was late already. What’s the delay?
Burrows: I do have other business to attend to, Lynch.
Miggs: Other business? You want I should help him priority-wise, Mr Lynch?
Lynch: Not now, Miggs. Pilot, when you fly for me, mine is the only business that matters. However, I’ll overlook this if you move immediately. Deliver the weapons to the agricultural planet Siva in Rikel. Afterwards, return here for your payment of 15000 credits.
Burrows: Fine… but I’ll want info on the artefact when I get back, Lynch.
Lynch: Rest assured, you will have it.
Fly Lynch 2
Kroiz: I say, would you kindly identify yourself?
Burrows: I’ve never been that kind to strangers.
Kroiz: I am Salman Kroiz, Privateer Extraordinaire. Terribly sorry to interrupt your flight, but… it seems as if we’re a bit at odds, here.
  1. You represent one of Lynch’s rivals?
  2. You mean to stop me, is that it?
Kroiz: I’m to prevent you from delivering those weapons. Since we cannot both fulfil our contracts, it seems we’ll need to settle this ourselves. Would you consider dumping your cargo?
Burrows: Nope.
Kroiz: Alas, we’ll have to settle this by violent means.
Kroiz: So sorry, but I’m afraid I cannot let you pass. Now my operatives and I will end your career… and bolster our résumés in the process. Cheers!
Oh, this is most distasteful, I must say.

Roman Lynch 3

Lynch: I understand you thwarted Mr Kroiz. Well done. Here’s your payment and, as agreed, some additional information. Your find is of alien origin and, as such, virtually priceless. Which also means the Confederation will want to keep it from private hands. To keep your possession of it secret, I’ve incurred additional expenses…
Burrows: You want another favour, right?
Miggs: Mr Lynch did you a favour, pal. Better get grateful quick-like… while you can still walk.
Burrows: I could always get crutches, Miggs… but there’s no cure for ugliness.
Lynch: I urge you to observe caution with Miggs. My control over him extends only so far. Actually, my request is personal. I’ll pay you 30000 credits to take someone off world. Do this, and I’ll continue to procure the information you seek.
Burrows: Doesn’t sound like much to ask. What’s the catch?
Lynch: My cousin Regis and I share certain business interests. Sadly, he’s been subpoenaed in a murder trial. It would be best if he disappeared.
Burrows: Uh-huh. Is he a witness… or a suspect?
Lynch: He is my cousin, which is enough for you. Regis enjoys spending time on the Romulus mining base in Castor system. I suggest you get him out of New Constantinople and take him there. After you’ve dropped Regis off, return here for your pay… and more information.
Burrows: Sorry, Lynch, but we had a deal. I’ve lived up to it. You haven’t.
Lynch: I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said your artefact is worth millions of credits… credits you’ll never see without my help.
Lynch: Do us both a favour and accept this mission. My cousin Regis simply cannot appear at that murder trial. I wish him to disappear.
Burrows: I charge extra for magic tricks, Lynch.
Lynch: Magic is not required, only guile and a certain amount of… discretion. I’ll pay you 30000 credits to fly him to Romulus base in Castor system… 30000 payable once you return here. Agreed?
Lynch: Upon returning to your ship, you will find Regis already aboard. After you’ve dropped Regis off, return here for your pay… and more information. Good luck, Captain.
Burrows: Sorry, Lynch. I’ve got to follow up on some other leads.
Lynch: My dear cousin Regis called. You have yet to deliver him to Romulus base in Castor. I did communicate the urgency of the mission, did I not?
Burrows: Sure. He’s the one facing the murder rap.
Lynch: A subpoena in a murder trial. I’d advise you not to assume anything.
Miggs: Yeah, it just makes an ass out of me.
Burrows: If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Miggs has Kilrah licked. I’ll get your cousin out of New Constantinople safely, Lynch. Just make sure you deliver the goods on the artefact when I return.
Fly Lynch 3
Speech Speech
Confed: We know you are transporting a known felon. Prepare to die, criminal scum!
A life sentence doesn’t look so bad now, eh Regis?

Roman Lynch 4

Lynch: I trust you took care of my dear cousin.
Burrows: InterSys was ready for us. But I got him to Romulus all right.
Lynch: Excellent. Please accept this payment of 30000 credits, with my warmest thanks. But now, steel yourself for bad news. Smythe, a man in my employ, found vital information regarding the artefact at the Oxford Library. Unfortunately, Mr Smythe is currently trapped on a base in the Newcastle system. The authorities there, rife with corruption, have stopped me from… exerting my influence.
Burrows: I see. What kind of information?
Lynch: Smythe has not communicated that, but I believe our best chance of identifying your find resides in the files at Oxford. Smythe has access to this information. I’ll pay you 30000 credits to retrieve this man. It’s in our mutual interest, after all. Deal?
Lynch: Smythe is on Liverpool. A small refinery in the Newcastle system. He’ll be waiting for you there, in the bar.
Burrows: Look, why don’t I just head for Oxford myself and locate the information?
Lynch: Smythe is a data retrieval expert. You’d never find what you need alone.
Burrows: Okay, I’ll get him… but I hate to run off without giving Miggs a kiss. Where is he?
Lynch: Miggs is currently eliminating a… labour difficulty. I’ll convey your regards.
Burrows: I think I’ve got enough out of you. Our business is done. I’m headed for Oxford to find the information I need.
Lynch: Smythe is an information retrieval expert. You’ll never find what you need alone… but I suppose you’ll need to learn that the hard way. You’ll be back.
Burrows: I’ve been thinking… maybe you’re right. Your man Smythe uncovered something important at Oxford… something it might take me months to locate on my own.
Lynch: An optimistic estimate, I’m afraid. The Oxford stacks are voluminous. We’ll both be better off if you rescue Smythe. I’m offering 30000 credits for his return here, payable on delivery. Interested?
Lynch: Smythe is on Liverpool. A small refinery in the Newcastle system. He’ll be waiting for you there, in the bar.
Burrows: No thanks, I’m headed for Oxford to find the information myself.
Lynch: You’ll be back, Captain, you’ll be back.
Lynch: I am truly dismayed at your haphazard attitude regarding our business. Unless you retrieve Smythe from the Newcastle system… our mutual search for information on the artefact is stymied.
Burrows: We know he uncovered something at the Oxford library. Why not go there?
Lynch: Wasteful duplication of effort. Smythe knows what we want to know. Better to retrieve him than to attempt to duplicate his research.
Burrows: Okay, Lynch. I’ll get him off… Liverpool, was it?
Lynch: Yes, in Newcastle. And I would advise you to hurry. Return here afterwards with Smythe for your payment of 30000 credits.
Fly Lynch 4
Miggs: Hey, bright boy, guess who’s in deep trouble? Mr Lynch wants that artefact. I’m gonna count to ten. Then I start shootin’. One, two, uh… Forget this! Start shootin’ boys!
  1. Hey, what’s going on here?
  2. Miggs, is that you?
  3. Lay off and I’ll give you the artefact.
  4. Eat death, treacherous scum.
Miggs: Heh, heh! Wise-guy thinks he’s winnin’.
Oh… wrong button…
See Masterson at Oxford Library


Burrows: Sorry I haven’t been coming up with the goods, but I’ll do better next time.
Lynch: Regrettably, there shall be no next time. Your services are no longer required. Good day to you.
Burrows: What! You’re cutting me off just because of one mess up? We had a deal! You owe me information on that artefact!
Lynch: That deal was not based upon failure.
Miggs: Want me to explain it to him, Mr Lynch?
Lynch: No, Miggs. He is incompetent, not stupid. Good day to you… and trouble me no more!

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