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Wing Commander Privateer: Admiral Terrell

Perry Naval Base Hangar Bay
Perry Naval Base Concourse

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Goodin: Hey, where do you think you’re going?
Burrows: Just wandering around. Is there a problem?
Goodin: There is, if you try to go through that door. That’s Admiral Terrell’s office. He doesn’t like visitors.
Burrows: Hey, don’t sweat it, sweetheart. I don’t like visiting. Later.
Admiral Terrell’s Office
Admiral Terrell


Terrell: We don’t have a lot of time, privateer, so let’s cut the niceties. I’m Admiral Terrell, and the Confederation needs your help.
Burrows: Goodin accuses me of being a kitty collaborator, and now you want my help?
Terrell: Yes, well, Goodin has always been a little overzealous in executing her orders. We know you’re not responsible for the destruction of our fleet… at least not directly.
Burrows: Then what exactly do you want from me?
Terrell: For quite a while we’ve suspected the Kilrathi of having a secret weapon. There could be no other explanation for the havoc being wreaked upon our forces. This was confirmed recently when, using the path of destruction as a baseline, we drew a correlation between that course and your flight path. That correlation approaches unity.
Burrows: You mean the thing that’s following me around is a Kilrathi secret weapon?
Terrell: Yes. For some odd reason, the thing has locked on to you. Maybe it’s a flaw in the targeting algorithms. Who knows? The point is, wherever you go, it shows up eventually… and that’s why we need your help.
Burrows: Are we talking bait here, Admiral? I’ve been jumping like crazy, trying to keep ahead of this thing… and now you want me to stand still?
Terrell: It’s not like I’m asking you to slit your wrists. Commodore Reismann has assembled an entire fleet! Even as we speak, they stand ready to destroy the Kilrathi marauder. All they need is for you to lure it into the ambush.
Burrows: An entire fleet, huh? So why doesn’t that make me feel better?
Terrell: I could force you to do this, but I won’t. The way I see it, you can either co-operate, and let the fleet blast it to Kingdom Come… or you can keep running the rest of your life. To sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in 30000. So… what’ll it be?
Burrows: Running has never been my style, Admiral. Deal me in.
Terrell: Excellent. This should be the easiest mission you’ve ever flown. Simply fly to the ambush point at Blockade Point Tango, Nav 1. That’s far enough away to minimise civilian casualties. Once there all you have to do is kick back and wait. We’ll do the rest.
Burrows: I hope so, Admiral. I surely do hope so.
Burrows: I’ve done all right so far, Admiral. Frankly, the thought of being your sitting duck doesn’t thrill me. I’ll take my chances on my own.
Terrell: As I said, I won’t force you to do this… but you’re making a bad mistake… and I hope you live long enough to realise it.
Terrell: What’re you doing here? Thought you’d be gone by now. Gone as in dead.
Burrows: I’m not that anxious to hit space again. I’m thinking your offer over.
Terrell: Then think fast. I was about to order the fleet massed at Blockade Point Tango to disperse. No sense in giving an ambush if nobody’s coming.
Burrows: You really expect me to lure this… whatever it is… to Tango Point… serving as your decoy?
Terrell: Sooner or later you’ll have to face that thing. This way you can do it on your own terms… with an armed fleet as chaperone. It’s the best shot you’ve got. And we’ll pay you 30000 besides. Will you do it?
Burrows: Even though the thought of being your sitting duck doesn’t thrill me… running has never been my style, Admiral. Deal me in.
Terrell: Excellent. This should be the easiest mission you’ve ever flown. Simply fly to the ambush point at Blockade Point Tango, Nav 1. That’s far enough away to minimise civilian casualties. Once there all you have to do is kick back and wait. We’ll do the rest.
Burrows: I hope so, Admiral. I surely do hope so.
Terrell: As I said, I won’t force you to do this… but I still think you’re making a bad mistake. Now if you would leave me alone, I have a decision to make.
Terrell: What are you doing here?
Burrows: What’s the matter? Make you nervous having your decoy sitting around the base?
Terrell: Frankly, yes. We don’t want to lure the blasted thing to Perry! Head out to Blockade Point Tango, Nav 1, pronto! They can’t hold the ambush without you, you know!
Fly Terrell
  1. You’re not Kilrathi, are you?
  2. Okay, okay… I’m impressed.
  3. Unidentified vessel, withdraw now.
Steltek: Alien craft. Communication needed.
Burrows: Uh… okay. I’m listening.
Steltek: Alien craft. Information required. We are Steltek. You have technology belonging to us. You will tell us where you got technology. Now.
  1. Look, I gotta go and be bait.
  2. Do you know something about the thing we’re ambushing?
Steltek: Understood. Steltek drone keys off Steltek technology on your ship. Will pursue you until you are destroyed.
  1. That death machine is one of yours?
  2. What’re you guys, nuts?
Steltek: Regrettable. When retreated from galaxy, tried to eliminate all Steltek technology to bar developing races from finding our relics, bringing upon themselves the ruin we wrought. However, were too pervasive. Pockets of technology, weapons, drones, remain. We eliminate these pockets when possible. Again, query: where did you get technology?
  1. You want to remove it?
  2. I’d be stupid to tip my hand.
Steltek: Again, query: where did you get technology?
  1. That information’ll cost you.
  2. What’s in it for me, bub?
Steltek: Cost? Barter, economics?
  1. How about a trade?
  2. Forget it. No deal.
  1. We could energise weapon to destroy drone, but dispersal of Steltek technology, in opposition to Steltek policy.
  2. Then be destroyed.
Burrows: We deal, or I reveal the ship’s location to more Humans.
Steltek: Not good.
  1. You bet your butt not good.
  2. Have we got a deal?
Steltek: Agreed. Will attach power booster to your weapon now. Booster will provide a limited number of shots to destroy drone. Agreed?
  1. I suppose we have a deal.
  2. Do I have a choice?
Steltek: Power booster installed, prepared for jump to derelict.
  1. Fancy meeting you guys here.
  2. Mind if I join the party?
  3. This is it? Who’s ambushing who?
Reismann: You’re just in time for the massacre.
  1. Yeah… but whose?
  2. I have every confidence in you guys.
Reismann: Cut the chatter and listen. This is Admiral Reismann. We’ll hit the thing as soon as it arrives. Hold your position until it does. And, uh, feel free to join in… Reismann out.
Steltek Scout
Meanwhile… Sector Delta Prime…
Steltek Derelict


Terrell: Congratulations. That was some amazing flying. You took out that drone like a real pro. Ever consider a career in the military?
Burrows: Yeah, once, but the fever broke and I got better.
Terrell: You’re an insubordinate smart-alec… and one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. Just say the word, and an officer’s commission is yours.
Burrows: Appreciate it, but I’m not cut out for the military. I’m a privateer. There’s a fortune waiting for me out there somewhere… and all I’ve gotta do is smuggle, steal and kill a lot of people to get it.
Terrell: All right, but you’re going to be awarded the Confederation Medal of Freedom… whether you like it or not. Understand?
Burrows: Hey, far be it for me to screw up a photo op. I’ll take it.
Terrell: Okay. I’m sure you’re headed for trouble, and I’m sure you probably deserve it… but I wish you good luck anyway. And if you ever change your mind about serving…
Burrows: I’ll have my head examined. Take care, Admiral.
Terrell: Oh, and one more thing.
Burrows: What’s that?
Terrell: Privateer was developed at Origin Systems. The executive producer was Chris Roberts. The producer was R Scott Russo. Erin Roberts stepped in as the associate producer.
Burrows: Yeah, yeah, great. But who programmed this baby?
Terrell: Well, Ed Maurer was the lead programmer. The other programmers were Charles Cafrelli, Reinaldo Castro, Arthur DiBianca, Edwin Herrell, Alex Jen, Richard Dean Johnson, and Jeff Wilson.
Burrows: And the design team?
Terrell: Joel Manners was the lead designer. The rest of the design team were Tom Kassebaum, Anthony Nichols, and Phil Wattenbarger. The original design was by Joel Manners and Chris Roberts, and the screenplay was by G P Austin.
Burrows: Who created the beautiful artwork?
Terrell: Chris Douglas, Bob Frye, Beverly Garland, Danny Garrett, Craig Halverson, Jake Rodgers, and Brian Smith.
Burrows: Who wrote all of the cool tunes and sound effects?
Terrell: Nenad Vugrinec composed the soundtrack. Laura Barrat did the percussion arrangements. Mark Schaefgen helped with the music conversion. Randy Buck and John Tipton did the digital effects.
Burrows: Who tested the game?
Terrell: The game was tested by Bill LaCoste, Starr Long, Dan Orzulak, Toby Shelton, Dee Starns, Perry Stokes, and Todd Wachhaus.
Burrows: Wow. That’s an awful lot of people.
Terrell: And that’s not all. The team would like to give special thanks to Whitney Ayres, Bill Baldwin, Paul Isaac, David Lawell, Aaron Martin, John Miles, Alan Perez, Kevin Potter, Zack Simpson, Suzanne Taylor, Jeff Wand, and Jason Yenawine.


Goodin: You’ve got some nerve coming back here!
Burrows: Hey, I was a sitting duck for you clowns, the least I expect is an apology.
Goodin: For what? Allowing the drone to annihilate our strike force?
Burrows: Sweetheart, Commodore Reismann had an entire fleet. I had a gun. Gee, I wonder who screwed the pooch on that one?
Goodin: As far as Terrell is concerned, the puppies are gonna look just like you! And unless you want to be thrown into the brig, you better hit the lanes before he sees you!
Burrows: I see. Thanks for reminding me why I hate sleeping with the military.
Goodin: Yeah? Well on your way out, don’t look for any money on the dresser, pal. It wasn’t that good.

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