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Righteous Fire: Admiral Terrell

Perry Naval Base Hangar Bay
Perry Naval Base Concourse


Perry Naval Base Bar

Did you hear the news? Governor Menesch is dead! They say he was making deals between the Retros and Kilrathi. Just a little while ago, he got taken out by some privateer. I bet that privateer’s got a lot of bounty money coming.

It looks like the Confeds have just about had it here in Gemini. Things are getting way too dangerous. I’ve already started packing my bags. I wonder where I’ll go? Maybe the Magellan sector. I just hope I can find some kind of transportation.

Sandra Goodin

Captain Sandra Goodin
Goodin: Good day. I hope you remember me.
Burrows: Of course, Captain Goodin.
Goodin: I’m very glad to see that Menesch is dead. You beat out a lot of other top-notch bounty hunters. I’m transferring the Confederation’s 40000 bounty to your account.
Burrows: Good deal.
Goodin: I’d like to get right to business. As you know, the Confederation has spread its forces very thinly in Gemini. Our fight against the Retros has greatly weakened our lines on the Kilrathi front, and the war there has become purely defensive.
Burrows: And you need all the help you can get.
Goodin: I’m afraid so. Incidentally, please remember that this conversation is strictly confidential.
Burrows: I’ll keep that in mind.
Goodin: We are currently trying to secure the Blockade systems, and drive back Kilrathi intrusions there. We want your help at Blockade Point Alpha. I’m offering you 20000 to fly to Nav 1 there, and rendezvous with our Commodore Uhler. He will give you further instructions.
Goodin: Good. Embark as soon as you can.
Goodin: I see. Remember, the instability in Gemini threatens everyone, including you.
Goodin: Ah. Have you reconsidered?
Burrows: Maybe. Let’s hear the story again.
Goodin: We’re trying to secure Blockade Point Alpha against further Kilrathi aggression. We want your help at Blockade Point Alpha. Fly to Nav 1 there and rendezvous with Commodore Uhler. Follow his instructions, then return here for 20000.
Goodin: Thank you. The co-operation of privateers like you is of great help.
Goodin: I wish there was something I could say to change your mind.
Goodin: The Commodore’s orders have not been carried out. The Kilrathi threat at Blockade Point Alpha remains. Let me remind you of your duties. Fly to Nav 1 at Blockade Point Alpha and rendezvous with Commodore Uhler. Follow his instructions, then return here for 20000.
Goodin: Good luck.
Goodin: Changed your mind, eh? Too bad. We really need your help.
Fly Goodin
  1. Did someone mention Cats for dinner?
  2. Okay, let’s start the party.
Uhler: Good, our support has arrived. Listen up, there are Kilrathi en route. We’ll proceed to Nav 5 and seal off the jump tunnel. We need your help to cover our flank. Clear the other three Nav points of all Kilrathi. And rendezvous with us at Nav 5. Patrol, move out.
  1. Back off, or you’re a throw rug!
  2. Hey, is catnip illegal on Kilrah?
  3. I’m not looking for trouble…
Kahl: This is Kahl, Commander of the Sixth Fleet. No doubt you’ve come in contact with the Kilrathi’s latest weapon? Your Retros make it so easy for us. We provide a few ships, and watch death spread like an epidemic! Amusing, no? Apes killing hairy apes.
  1. You are weak like a little girl.
  2. Now the fur’s gonna fly!
  3. I’m but a lowly coward, spare me!
Kahl: A pity you’ve wandered so far from your tree, Ape.
You are now entirely at my mercy.
Surrender or die, insufferable Earth-Monkey!
  1. How’s that for a Cat fight.
  2. Now, what?
Uhler: Good work! We would’ve been cat-meat without your help. If you’ve already cleared the other nav points, then you’re free to return to the base. Uhler out.
  1. Glad you’re working this sector.
  2. Good to see you.
  3. When does your shift end, Uhlie?
Uhler: Stay alert, the Cats are on the prowl.
Continue on course.
Goodin: Good work. I’m frankly surprised you obeyed orders so well.
Burrows: Cash helps put me in my place.
Goodin: Admiral Terrell is impressed as well. In fact, he wants to see you right away. He’s waiting for you in his office across the main concourse.
Burrows: I wonder what he wants this time.
Goodin: I have no idea, so it must be pretty confidential. Good luck.
Admiral Terrell’s Office
Admiral Terrell

Admiral Terrell

Terrell: Good day, privateer. I trust you remember me?
Burrows: Naturally.
Terrell: I’ve been impressed by your recent efforts to help the Confederation. Captain Goodin’s reports to me have been most positive. As I’m sure you have learned, the Retros have got out of hand. Their recent surge in activity is attributable to one Mordecai Jones. Stopping the threat means eliminating Jones. Unfortunately, we have very little information about his current location. Intelligence analysis indicates that he’s operating from the Fariss quadrant. But that’s all we know. Therefore, we’ll begin a thorough search of Fariss. We’ll comb each system until we find him.
Burrows: So how do I fit in?
Terrell: As you know, we’ve got nearly all our forces mobilised already. They’re split between the Kilrathi and the Retros. We can only spare a handful of ships for the search. But a handful is not enough. Using Confederation ships alone, the search would take years. We need volunteers to beef up our search teams. That’s how you fit in.
Burrows: What are you offering?
Terrell: We need you to patrol Death, Pestilence, and War. You get 20000.
Burrows: That’s an awful lot of space to cover in one flight.
Terrell: I know. You should fuel up at Macabee in Nexus before starting.
Terrell: Good. Return here when you’re done. We’ll analyse your data and see if there’s any place to attack.
Terrell: That’s too bad. Our effort depends on you. Please reconsider.
Terrell: Good to see you again. We need you badly. Let me describe my offer again. You are to patrol Death, Pestilence and War. I recommend you fuel up at Macabee in Nexus first. Return here afterwards. The pay is 20000.
Burrows: I can’t resist a begging admiral.
Terrell: I see. Then our cause is all but lost.
Terrell: What are you doing here? Your mission’s not complete.
Burrows: I may be reconsidering. What are the details again?
Terrell: You are to patrol Death, Pestilence and War. I recommend you fuel up at Macabee in Nexus first. Return here afterwards. The pay is 20000.
Burrows: Got it. See you later.
Burrows: No.
Terrell: That’s too bad. Our effort depends on you.
Fly Terrell
  1. Hope you’re not looking for trouble.
  2. You’re making me nervous.
Pirate: Hey hot-shot, my employer wants to see you. He’s waiting for you at Drake base, in the Capella system. He can’t wait for long…
  1. And who’s that?
  2. Who would employ you?
Pirate: I just get paid to deliver the message. I’m much more interested in your cargo. Fat cargo holds are hard to come by these days. Say, maybe you’re carrying something good for me. Eh, sailor boy?
  1. Back off, I’ve got nothing for you!
  2. You’re going down, pirate!
Pirate: Well, we’ll meet again. My manners end when you land on Drake.
We’ll see if you ever get to Drake!

Complete 1

Terrell: Good work. Your data is complete. I’m afraid that there was no evidence of any bases in the systems you patrolled. You’re not alone. All patrols so far have turned up nothing. All except the Epsilon group, which hasn’t returned yet. They were sent to patrol 17-AR, J-900, Telar, and Valhalla. We’ve lost contact with them. I’m sending additional ships to look for them. Anyway, I want to thank you for your help, and to inform you that I’ll pay you 80000 if you can somehow get rid of Jones. That’s all. Goodbye.
See Informant on Drake pirate base, in the Capella system.

Complete 2

Terrell: Brilliant work. Gemini and the Confederation owe you another debt. It’s too bad so few people know about your heroic actions. If they did, you’d be the most popular man in Gemini.
Burrows: Flattery will get you nowhere, Admiral. I’m not going to join the Navy. End of story.
Terrell: Maybe not, but who knows what the future will bring? Anyway, I assume you’ve been paid?
Burrows: Yes, I have. And I think I’m going to take a holiday.
Terrell: Good. You certainly deserve it. Goodbye, son. You have my eternal respect and gratitude.
Terrell: Let me tell you a little about Righteous Fire. Righteous Fire was developed at Origin Systems. The producer was Warren Spector.
Burrows: Haven’t we had this conversation before?
Terrell: Pay attention. Arthur DiBianca was the project leader, programmer, and conversation writer. Phil Wattenbarger came up with the game concept and wrote additional conversations. Phil Wattenbarger and Tom Kassebaum handled the design.
Burrows: I see. Who did the new artwork?
Terrell: Alan Perez, Brian Smith, and Melinda Bordelon.
Burrows: What about those new tunes I noticed?
Terrell: Those are the work of Barry Leitch. He’s from Scotland, you know.
Burrows: Who tested Righteous Fire?
Terrell: Dan Orzulak along with Charles Angel, Jerrold Harrington and Kevin Kushner.
Burrows: Ah. Anyone receive special thanks?
Terrell: Sure. Special thanks go to Ed Maurer.

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