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Wing Commander Privateer Dialogue Script

Wing Commander Privateer title screen Civilian Centurion Fighter Civilian Gladius Fighter

Here is the script from Wing Commander Privateer. The free nature of this game makes organising the dialogue difficult, but all effort has been made to keep things as coherent as possible. The full speech version of the dialogue (which makes no reference to names such as the player character or base locations) was used even though the player character has already been given the ‘official’ name of Grayson Burrows.

Wing Commander: Privateer
Fixer Base System
Ernesto Sandoval New Detroit New Detroit
Tayla New Detroit New Detroit
Roman Lynch New Constantinople New Constantinople
Masterson Oxford Oxford
Lynn Murphy Basra Palan
Lemuel Monkhouse Palan Palan
Taryn Cross Rygannon Rygannon
Sandra Goodin Any Mining Base  
Admiral Terrell Perry Perry
Righteous Fire
Fixer Base System
Masterson Oxford Oxford
Tayla Oakham Pentonville
Lynn Murphy Edom New Constantinople
Sandra Goodin Perry Perry
Monte Macabee Nexus
Roman Lynch Basque Pyrenees
Admiral Terrell Perry Perry
Informant Drake Capella

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