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Wing Commander Privateer: Introduction

2669, Gemini Sector, Troy System.
The Terran frontier between the Kilrathi Empire… and the unknown.
Pirate: And what is it, hmm? Is it a smuggler far off the normal space lanes? Maybe a bad smuggler with some nice contraband.
Burrows: Sorry, boys, I’m just a tourist with a fragged nav console. Could you tell me where I am?
Pirate: Deep in trouble, little tourist. Prepare to be boarded.
Burrows: Not a chance, pal. Prepare to go to hell.
Pirate: Who are you that flies so good? Are you insane?
Burrows: No, it’s just got a load of cargo in the hold and a load of bills to pay at home.
Pirate: And I have the same! You shouldn’t kill me just for attacking ya!
Burrows: I don’t mind that you tried to kill me. But protecting myself against your type gets expensive… and I’m on a budget.
Steltek Drone

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