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Wing Commander Privateer: Dr Lemuel Monkhouse

Agricultural Planet Landing Pad
Agricultural Planet Concourse


Dr Lemuel Monkhouse
Burrows: Ah, Dr Monkhouse. I’m glad to see you.
Monkhouse: I wish I could say the same. I’m not receiving visitors right now, young man. I wish to be alone.
Burrows: Sorry, Doc, but I didn’t run the blockade to take no for an answer. Listen, I have this alien artefact, and I…
Monkhouse: Don’t speak to me about extra-terrestrial artefacts! I’m sick of them! I nearly got killed here because of my work. You’ve heard of the Steltek? Well, suffice it to say, I recovered an interesting piece of Steltek manufacture… a piece which interested certain corrupt corporate interests who shall be nameless. All I need is a libel suit on top of everything else. Who are you?
Burrows: Just a curious privateer.
Monkhouse: Well listen. I was kidnapped and brought to Palan by men who wanted my artefact… and then I was nearly killed in last month’s bombing attacks. Thank goodness my kidnappers were buried beneath the rubble of the interrogation compound.
Burrows: And what happened to your artefact?
Monkhouse: Never you mind about my artefact. What do you want of me?
Burrows: I have an artefact of my own. I want you to tell me what it is.
Monkhouse: I’d consider it… in exchange for transportation off world. If you’ll fly me to Basra refinery base in the Palan system, I’ll help you solve this puzzle.
Burrows: Basra refinery base? It’s not exactly holiday central. Why go there?
Monkhouse: It’s the nearest base, and I detest space travel in cramped quarters. I’ll charter a luxury liner back to civilisation later. I will pay you 5000 credits towards your expenses. Have we a bargain?
Burrows: Okay, Doc. I’ll get you off this rock and fly you to Basra. But once we hit Basra, you better prove you were worth the trouble.
Monkhouse: Meet me in the bar on Basra for your payment, and your analysis. Most assuredly. If I can’t tell you about your find… no one can.
Burrows: Sorry, Doc. I don’t like those terms at all.
Monkhouse: And yet you expect to employ my years of hard earned knowledge for nothing? No, young man. I don’t like those terms either. Farewell.
Monkhouse: See here, young man. I won’t be trifled with. If you’ll transport me off this wretched world and get me to the Basra refinery base, I’ll pay you 5000 credits and help you identify your find. Have we a bargain?
Burrows: Okay, Doc. I’ll get you off this rock and fly you to Basra. But once we hit Basra, you better prove you were worth the trouble.
Monkhouse: Meet me in the bar on Basra for your payment, and your analysis. Most assuredly. If I can’t tell you about your find… no one can.
Burrows: I want the information up front, Monkhouse.
Monkhouse: I’m afraid that would leave me with little leverage in this situation. I have made my position clear. I will tell you about the artefact the moment I arrive in Basra. Come back when you are willing to accept my offer.
Monkhouse: I thought we had a deal, young man.
Burrows: We do.
Monkhouse: Well, in that case, I’d advise you to get me off this wretched planet immediately, and take me without further delay to Basra! My patience is wearing thin, and the longer we delay, the more it deteriorates! If you want me to help you identify your find, GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!
Burrows: Yes, sir. Be on my ship in five minutes.
Fly Monkhouse
Kilrathi: Apeling! You are entirely in our power! We know Monkhouse is aboard your craft. You will surrender him to us immediately… or be destroyed!
Monkhouse, surrender and be spared!
Refinery Base Landing Pad
Refinery Base Concourse


Refinery Base Landing Pad
Refinery Base Concourse
Burrows: Just like I promised, I’ve come back for my pay… and anything else you’d like to give me.
Murphy: I never considered a swift kick in the butt an incentive, but have it your way.
Burrows: Cute. Give me my money before I get all mushy on you.
Murphy: Here it is. Did you find your friend?
Burrows: Uh-huh. He’s waiting at the next table.
Murphy: Then goodbye. And take care of yourself.
Dr Lemuel Monkhouse
Monkhouse: That was truly an exciting ride. Thank you for getting me here in one piece. I’ve examined your artefact. A very interesting piece you have there, young man… especially since I have one almost like it. Ironically, it’s the very piece that my kidnappers were interested in.
Burrows: Then… you know what it is?
Monkhouse: Ah yes. You said you knew nothing of the Steltek. Well, long before Man emerged on Earth, the Steltek ruled an empire that spanned the galaxy. Even then, they were more technologically advanced than we are now. By the time their empire crumbled, they were possessed of wonders beyond our comprehension.
Burrows: Is that so? Well, if they were so tough, what happened to them?
Monkhouse: No one knows. Some say they perished in a civil war that lasted millennia… others believe they simply grew weary of their power, surrendered it… and even now enjoy a simple, tranquil existence at the heart of the galaxy.
Burrows: Nice fairy tale, Doc. But what about the artefact?
Monkhouse: Here’s my piece of it. Notice anything odd?
Burrows: The markings…
Monkhouse: Hold it up beside yours.
Steltek Map
Burrows: A map. Good heavens, it’s a treasure map!
Monkhouse: Superficially. It also contains a complete set of the Steltek alphabet.
Burrows: Who cares about that? What are we going to find at the spot indicated, Doc?
Monkhouse: Who knows? The real question is, where do we go from here?
Burrows: The sector on the map seems to be located on the edge of the frontier.
Monkhouse: Bad luck indeed. That area is currently uncharted. Without the location of the sector’s jump points, exploring the area will be nearly impossible.
Burrows: Unless I enlist with the Exploratory Service in Rygannon. That way I could map the jump points, and get paid for it at the same time.
Monkhouse: Always the privateer, eh? Care you nothing for the possibility of scientific advancement?
Burrows: You got it, Doc. Nothing. I’m in this for the profit.
Monkhouse: Very well. I have no interest in baubles. You may keep my fragment, and whatever treasure you find… so long as I get to publish any scientific finds. Agreed?
Burrows: Sounds good to me.
Monkhouse: Excellent. Before you go, I’ll program your computer with the nav information from the map, as well as the Steltek alphabet. It may come in handy where you’re going.
Burrows: What? You think X marks the spot to a Steltek colony? You’ve been watching too many late night holos, Doc.
Monkhouse: We shall see.
See Taryn Cross on Rygannon mining base, in the Rygannon system.

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