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Wing Commander Privateer: Tayla

New Detroit Landing Pad
New Detroit Concourse

Tayla 1

Tayla: Ah. You look just like your picture. Too bad.
Burrows: After a few drinks you’ll change your mind, Miss…?
Tayla: Call me Tayla. I used to do business with Sandoval.
Burrows: I’d rather talk about my face. What’s wrong with it, anyway?
Tayla: Nothing, except the police have it plastered all over the holos. Sandoval is dead, and they want you for questioning. Tough break, but I’m here to offer you work now that you’re… between jobs. I need you to make four special deliveries for me.
Burrows: By special you mean risky and illegal.
Tayla: And lucrative. The first run pays 10000 credits.
Burrows: That’s lucrative? Thanks, but I got my own leads to follow up.
Tayla: Right, the artefact. You have it, but you don’t know anything about it. I could fill you in… after you fly my missions. How about it, Captain?
Burrows: With the police after me, I could use the trip off-system…
Tayla: Good, but you don’t get paid until you finish.
Burrows: Suits me, so long as you tell me about the artefact now.
Tayla: After you’re done. Now listen, the first mission is easy. Your cargo will be a legal load of plastics. Although your manifest will say you’re running it to Newcastle, you’ll deviate from your course along the way and deliver it to Oakham, a hidden pirate base where I have connections. While you work for me, the pirates will leave you alone. Count on it. Leave your ship unattended and I’ll meet you there in the bar.
Burrows: Just be sure no one kills you while I’m gone, Tayla. I’ve got an investment in you… and I mean to collect.
Burrows: I think I’ll check into this artefact business alone.
Tayla: Bad choice. You’re in danger as long as you hold on to that thing… and you’re walking away from more money than you ever dreamed of!
Tayla: Back, huh? I guessed you’d change your mind.
Burrows: That remains to be seen.
Tayla: Look, it’s a great deal. Your cargo will consist of nothing but plastics… completely legal. Supposedly you’ll be running it to Newcastle, but actually… you’ll divert to Oakham, a hidden pirate base, and dock. You won’t have any trouble with the pirates because you work for me. Once there, leave your ship unattended and meet me in the bar there at Oakham for your pay. In exchange for the service, I’ll pay you 10000 credits. And don’t forget… I have information on the artefact, info I’ll share… if you fly for me. So… is it a deal?
Burrows: Sure, why not? I could use the credits.
Tayla: If you don’t want the job, just leave me alone!
Tayla: Hey, I just spoke with my contact on Oakham. They told me you still haven’t delivered the cargo!
Burrows: Something came up, sweetheart. You know how it is.
Tayla: Sure do. Unless you transport that load of plastic to Oakham – deviating from your flight path to Newcastle to throw off pursuit – you can forget about the 10000 credits!
Burrows: Okay, okay, no need to panic. I’ll get to it. And why should I worry about being followed if my cargo’s legit?
Tayla: Consider it a competency test. You know the rest…?
Burrows: Yeah. Once I arrive, I should leave my ship unattended, right?
Tayla: If you want to make a profit, yeah. And don’t go shooting up any pirates there! You work for me, so they’ll leave you alone… unless you get trigger-happy. Meet me in the bar at Oakham when you’re done. And step on it!
Fly Tayla 1
Pirate Base Landing Pad
Pirate Base Concourse

Tayla 2

Tayla: What took you so long? Rough day at the office?
Burrows: Business before banter, Tayla. The money.
Tayla: Relax. The first instalment is right here.
Burrows: That’s better. Now tell me about the artefact. Why would Sandoval just hand it over if it’s so valuable?
Tayla: Maybe he got a sore neck from watching his back all the time. How’s your neck feeling? Getting sore yet?
Burrows: No… but I don’t intend to let you get behind me, Tayla.
Tayla: Wrong, ace. I’ve never whacked anyone for profit. Now, your next job is to run a load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy. The run pays 15000 credits, too much for such an easy job, if you ask me.
Burrows: I’ll take your word for it. What kind of opposition am I looking at?
Tayla: Minimal. Maybe a few militia patrols, nothing you can’t handle.
Burrows: Yeah? And what about all these pirates? What if they get greedy?
Tayla: While you work for me, no one’ll hassle you. If you make it back, meet me back here in the bar for your pay.
Burrows: When I get back, Tayla, you better have some answers.
Burrows: You’re pulling my chain. I’ll learn about the artefact on my own.
Tayla: You’d better reconsider, Captain. You’ll need all the help you can get. Someone knows what that artefact is. And if it was worth killing Sandoval, then killing you will be no more to them than… overhead.
Tayla: So… you want the mission after all?
Burrows: Let’s just say I’m reassessing my options.
Tayla: Smart move. You’re taking a load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy. Just hit Hector, leave your ship docked, and meet me back here in the bar when you’re done. I’ll pay you 15000 credits for the mission… and tell you a little more about your treasure. How about it?
Burrows: Sure, why not? I could use the credits.
Tayla: If you don’t want the job, just leave me alone!
Tayla: You haven’t flown the mission yet? What’s the problem?
Burrows: I’m waiting for the mood to hit me.
Tayla: Unless you fly that load of Brilliance to Hector mining base in Troy quick, the only thing that’s gonna hit you is hard times.
Burrows: You need to chill, Tayla. I know the routine. I hit Hector, leave the ship docked, let your goons go over it and remove what law enforcement officials refer to as the evidence. Then I head back here and link up with you in the bar to get my 15000.
Tayla: Just make sure you complete the delivery. Soon.
Fly Tayla 2
Militia: Filthy little Brilliance runner, you’re busted!

Tayla 3

Tayla: You took your sweet time, Captain.
Burrows: Better late than never. Now I want my money… and info on the artefact.
Tayla: I won’t say anything that will tip my hand prematurely… but I can tell you that Sandoval got it by killing its previous owner. Before that a spice merchant named Deiter obtained it from his own father. Death follows this thing. Feel lucky?
Burrows: Just give me my next mission, and let me worry about my health.
Tayla: I’ll pay you 20000 credits to make another delivery of Brilliance. I’m putting you on my main supply route to New Constantinople.
Burrows: A promotion, huh? And what’ll I be up against?
Tayla: Some Confed patrols, but I’ve paid some major bribes to make sure you’re left alone.
Burrows: Major bribes, huh? Great. I smell a major risk here.
Tayla: You’re taking a bigger risk keeping that artefact with so many willing to kill for it.
Burrows: I’m taking a risk trusting you in the first place.
Tayla: I’ve always paid you on time, so quit whining. Are you gonna fly my mission… or not?
Burrows: I made an agreement with you and I’ll honour it.
Tayla: Good. You’ll transfer the cargo from here to New Constantinople. Once you arrive, leave your ship unattended for an hour…
Burrows: …then get out. I know the drill, Tayla.
Tayla: A hot-shot pilot with brains. Wonders never cease. Hurry back. I’ll be waiting right here with your pay.
Burrows: Wealth sounds great, but I tell you what, sweetheart… I’m going to find it on my own. Later.
Tayla: Stay alive without my help… if you can.
Tayla: Hey, I really hope you’ve changed your mind about flying this mission. I need someone good to fly some Brilliance to New Constantinople, taking over my standard supply run from someone who… didn’t work out. I’ll pay you 20000 credits to make the run, dock and leave the ship unattended…
Burrows: …and meet you back here for my pay, along with some information, right?
Tayla: Yeah. I’ve spread a few bribes around InSys to pave your way… though if you hit some Confed patrols, watch out. So how about it?
Burrows: Sure.
Tayla: If you don’t want the job, just leave me alone!
Tayla: Please, tell me you’ve completed the delivery to New Constantinople.
Burrows: Not yet. What’s the hurry?
Tayla: Time is money. How much is how soon, get it?
Burrows: Got it. I’ll be heading in there soon. Whether or not I get out depends on how substantial your bribes were. That’s one heavily patrolled sector!
Tayla: I told you, InSys has been taken care of. Just run the Brilliance from here to New Constantinople… dock there, leave your ship, take a stroll… and then meet me here in Oakham for your 20000.
Burrows: And more information on the artefact, Tayla. I’ll uphold my end of the bargain. Make sure you do the same.
Fly Tayla 3

Tayla 4

Tayla: You look terrible.
Burrows: Now I know what happens to charm school dropouts. Where’s my money?
Tayla: Keep your shorts dry, will you? Here, take it.
Burrows: I can’t understand why a woman as attractive as you has to pay for the company of men in bars.
Tayla: I see it as an investment… with a penalty for early withdrawal.
Burrows: Well, since you’re so quick with the answers, here’s another question. If you know the artefact’s value, why don’t you want it for yourself?
Tayla: You’ll have to kill a lot of people to hang on to it. And I’m no murderer. Anyway, I’ll tell you all I know about that thing after you finish this last job.
Burrows: Let me guess… I’m running a shipment of catnip to Kilrah.
Tayla: Nope, I save the really lucrative jobs for myself. Actually you’re running more Brilliance to New Constantinople. It pays 10000 credits.
Burrows: Not a chance! Those Confeds were all over me!
Tayla: Well, I’ve got an idea which will help prevent that this time out. But I’m sick of holding your hand while you whine. You want the job or not?
Burrows: Okay, what’s this great idea of yours?
Tayla: I’ve gone over the schematics of your ship. I’ve located a space where we can install a secret compartment. It’ll be completely undetectable and make smuggling much easier.
Burrows: I’ll believe it when I see it.
Tayla: Just make the blasted run. I promise you won’t have any problems.
Burrows: Famous last words.
Tayla: Just handle your end, and report back here for your pay.
Burrows: You never have to worry about that, Tayla.
Burrows: Sorry, Tayla. I got a feeling my luck is running thin. I’m out.
Tayla: Are you kidding? You’ve almost completed your part of the deal! You back out now, and we’re both screwed!
Burrows: Tell me a little bit more about this mission you’re offering.
Tayla: We’ll install a secret compartment in your vessel and pay you 10000 credits… if you’ll run some Brilliance from here to New Constantinople. You know the routine by now, right?
Burrows: Yeah. Dock, leave the ship, meet you back here and try not to get vaporised. What could be easier?
Tayla: Exactly. So… is it a deal?
Tayla: Great! I’ll have your ship modified and loaded right away. Good luck!
Burrows: No deal, Tayla. I’m out.
Tayla: I can’t believe you haven’t made the drop yet. You think I had that secret compartment installed in your ship just for kicks? Get on the ball, will you? I’ve had enough of your waffling!
Burrows: Easy, Tayla. I’ll run your drugs to New Constantinople pretty soon… I just hope that compartment is all it’s cracked up to be.
Tayla: Just make the run and come back here for your 10000. Is that so tough?
Burrows: Believe me, with all the patrols in that sector, it’s not the docking so much as the ducking
Fly Tayla 4
Riordian: Where do you think you’re going?
Burrows: About my business. And you?
Riordian: You don’t recognise me, do you?
Hold on, Mister. I think it’s high time we were introduced, don’t you?
  1. No. I’m picky about my friends.
  2. I suppose.
Riordian: Come on, you steal a man’s business, you ought to at least know his name.
  1. If you care that much, go ahead.
  2. Who cares?
Riordian: My name is William Riordian.
  1. Big deal. Never heard of you.
  2. Okay. May I be of service?
Riordian: You take over my route, fly for Tayla, and then have the gall to insult me! There’s not enough work for two privateers. I’ll teach you to steal my business!
  1. I’m pretty good at that already…
  2. No need to get hostile, friend…
Riordian: You’re a dead man.
I’ll show Tayla what a real man can do!


Tayla: Here’s your final payment, 10000 credits.
Burrows: Thanks, Tayla. That secret compartment made it easy.
Tayla: Glad to hear it. This is our final meeting, Captain.
Burrows: Hold on a minute. You still owe me info on that artefact.
Tayla: The person you need to talk to is Roman Lynch.
Burrows: You mean the mob boss on New Constantinople?
Tayla: He may be a thug, but he’s also an expert on exotic and valuable items. I set up a meeting with Lynch. He’s expecting you in the bar on New Constantinople. I really don’t know any more about that thing than I’ve already told you… but play your cards right with Lynch, you’ll be a rich man.
See Roman Lynch on New Constantinople


Burrows: Okay, sweetheart. What’s my next assignment?
Tayla: Uh uh. You’re a bad pony. I can’t afford to bet on you any more. You screwed up the last mission. I’m cutting my losses. You’ll have to take your chances with InSys. I’m out of here.
Burrows: But I need information on that artefact, Tayla!
Tayla: You should’ve thought of that before you choked up. Later.

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