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Wing Commander IV: Tyr System

Tyr 1

Officers’ Lounge, TCS Lexington.
Vagabond: That’s where you’re wrong, old buddy.
Maniac: Oh, I’m not wrong. Border World radicals. That’s who’s causing all this trouble.
Maverick, Vagabond and Maniac
Vagabond: Listen to him: Maniac the political scientist.
Maniac: You ask the Colonel. We saw the same thing, it was a Border Worlder who dusted that Orlando Depot.
Maverick: Yeah. Has it ever occurred to you, Maniac, that the Border Worlds militia probably doesn’t have the technology to do what we just saw out there?
Maniac: We don’t know what they’ve been up to since the big war. It sure ain’t pirates out there carrying that kind of fire-power.
Vagabond: All I know is that the Border Worlds have always been Confed’s stepchild. They fought the Kilrathi, too. But what’d they get for it? Any time Confed needs a dumping ground for anything from toxins to prisoners, the Border Worlds is the place. They’re treated more like a colony than a partner. And if they are behind this, maybe they’ve become that desperate for their freedom.
The Lexington Jumps…
Jumping to the Tyr system.
Briefing Room, TCS Lexington.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Ah, Colonel. I wish I had a little more faith in the data I’m getting from Confed Intel. We’ve just entered Border World territory, the Tyr system, where an important hostage has been taken, all because of the current tensions. Now, that means a ground extraction. But we have to find the hostage first and determine the best method of removal, which is where you come in. Now, Intel says the target is in this base complex on Tyr VII, but we need as much recon as we can get. Now, all our fighters are equipped with a new laser-recon device, fires like a gun, takes pictures like a camera. Get as close as you can and record as much info as possible. Now, be sure to consult your mission notes and your nav map. They’ll have a few more technical details.
Maverick: Any resistance expected?
Eisen: Well, my guess is they aren’t going to appreciate snoops with cameras down there. Try to make it a clean operation, we’re more interested in recon than kills. All set, Colonel?
Maverick: You bet, Captain.
Fly to each NAV point and get recon photos of each base complex. Use ‘H’ to switch to laser camera. Take 10 photos at each complex.
Fly Tyr 1
Descent to Tyr VII
Computer: Objective accomplished, proceed to next waypoint.
Ascent from Tyr VII
Naismith: Well done, Colonel. You’re clear to land. (Success)
Excuse me, but you did say you were the Colonel Christopher Blair, right? Clear to land. (Failure)

Tyr 2

Eisen’s Cabin, TCS Lexington.
Eisen’s Cabin
Eisen: Enter.
Maverick: Recon data?
Eisen: No, uh, nothing so interesting. Just a trans to my grandchildren. New school year, they’re all excited. Did you want to see me about something, Colonel?
Maverick: Oh. Yes, sir: the, uh… assignment we’re undertaking.
Eisen: Yes, we’re just about ready to make the extraction, it won’t be easy. We’ll discuss it at the briefing. Right now, I’m due to check in at the bridge. I’ll see you in the briefing room.
Briefing Room, TCS Lexington.
Briefing Room
Eisen: Ah, Colonel. Confed has deemed this an especially critical mission.
Maverick: Any particular reason?
Eisen: <hesitates> Let’s get down to business, shall we, Colonel?
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Eisen: Enemy reinforcements are headed this way, so we have to move fast. A trooper transport has just joined up with us. They’ll be moving in right behind you, carrying the ground personnel who will nab the hostage.
Tyr 1 Success:
Eisen: Thanks to your recon, we know just where we’re going and what we’re up against. The hostage is located in this structure. Now, you’ll need to cover the trooper transport’s descent to that location, then make sure it gets back here in one piece. Is that clear, Colonel?
Maverick: Consider it done.
With a positive ID on the hostage location, escort an extraction transport to the target complex. Defend the transport during the search for the hostage.
Fly Tyr 2a
Tyr 1 Failure:
Eisen: Now, as you know, we didn’t get all the recon we wanted. Now, each of these nav points represents an installation, and we think the hostage is in one of them. You’ll cover the trooper transport as it docks with each structure, until the ground troops find the hostage, then bring them home. Try to make this quick and clean, Colonel. Maybe we’ll get lucky.
Maverick: Yes, sir.
Since the last recon mission was a failure, you will need to escort an extraction transport to each base complex and defend it during the search for the hostage.
Fly Tyr 2b
Descent to Tyr VII
Transport: This is Troop Trans 5-3-5, we’ve collected the package. Get us out of here, Colonel.
Ascent from Tyr VII
Naismith: Extraction successful, Colonel. We’re on our way out of the system.
Hostage rescued: Masa System
Naismith: Tough luck out there, Colonel. You’re cleared to land – but I’m told some new orders will be waiting for you. Maybe it’ll be something you can handle.
Hostage abandoned: Losing Endgame 1

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